Pre-Seminar Exercises

Patient Cases

After completion of the self-study portion of the certificate training program, participants must complete two pre-seminar patient cases.

The pre-seminar exercises are intended to provide participants with initial experience in conducting a medication therapy review.  Completing these exercises will give participants a baseline understanding of the process and allow them to identify questions and specific areas of difficulty to address during the live seminar.  This activity is integral to a comprehensive learning experience and is useful for identifying personal areas for additional practice and improvement.  Participants should be prepared to use these patient cases during interactive portions of the live seminar.

Patient Privacy

To maintain patient privacy, participants must ensure that no patient identification information is included on the medication therapy review forms. Friends, family, and/or other patients with whom the pharmacist feels comfortable are all appropriate candidates for this activity. The pharmacist should explain to the patient that the interview and documentation is for educational purposes only, and the patient’s identity will remain confidential.

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