For the past 67 years, The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy has hosted the Annual Pharmacy Practice Seminar (PPS), which is designed for pharmacists and technicians practicing in a variety of settings. The mission of the conference is to provide clinical updates and pharmacy practice information to pharmacists and technicians who are interested in staying abreast of recent changes in practice.  The information is relevant to current practice trends, and practical enough so it may easily be applied upon return to work on Monday.  PPS is developed and produced by the Continuing Pharmacy Education Office at The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy, along with the help of the Pharmacy Practice Seminar Planning Committee.

Empowering Pharmacists and Technicians to Help Patients

The Pharmacy Practice Seminar equips pharmacists and technicians with the tools and knowledge that can immediately be applied in practice to see positive effects on patient care.  This seminar supports pharmacists/technicians because it delivers information that is practical and applicable in today’s practice environments.



The speakers who are invited to participate in PPS are highly recommended and sought-after educators, including many UT College of Pharmacy professors, nationally renowned speakers, and other  practitioners considered to be experts in their field of practice.  Many UT alumni who attend PPS often comment that they love getting to learn once again from some of their outstanding UT instructors who taught them as students!


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This seminar is designed for pharmacists and technicians who are seeking a very practical continuing education seminar filled with useful information.  The seminar offers >  15 contact hours of ACPE accredited continuing pharmacy education, complemented by interactive learning activities and question/answer sessions.  This one event offers pharmacists every annual requirement necessary to maintain Texas licensure.

The Pharmacy Practice Seminar is a knowldge-based CPE activity.

Pre-Seminar Programs (maintain certifications)

There are also optional pre-seminar courses offered to  allow participants to maintain their Sterile Compounding Certification or Immunization Certification.  These activities are intended for pharmacists/technicians who are already certified to compound sterile admixtures and pharmacists who are already immunization-certified.

PPS logoPPS is also a Reunion!

The in-person Pharmacy Practice Seminar (PPS) also serves as a great reunion for many of the attendees, who enjoy visiting with past classmates, colleagues and friends who they may not have an opportunity to see otherwise.  It also affords many alumni the opportunity to stay connected to UT College of Pharmacy and the profession in general.  Even for many attendees who are not UT alumni… PPS still serves as an annual reunion to visit with friends who they travel/attend the seminar with year after year.  Once you attend PPS, you become a member of the PPS community!

Each year a photo is taken of those who have practiced pharmacy for over 50 years!  PPS is proud of its ongoing community of dedicated pharmacists.

As Large as Texas

PPS continues to be one of the largest CE gatherings in Texas, attracting pharmacists from all across Texas and other neighboring states.  While more and more online CE activities are popping up, PPS continues to thrive as one of the few remaining in-person learning opportunities in the region.  Participants have said, “It’s an extraordinary educational experience that simply cannot be matched!”.  Come experience the event for yourself and see why PPS continues to grow over the years!

2019 50 Year Group

2018 50 Year Group

2017 and 2016 PPS 50 Year photos

2014 and 2013 PPS 50 Year photo


ACPE LogoThe University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education.

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