Scott Goyette, MBA

Scott Goyette, MBA

Motivational Speaker
Austin, Texas


Presentation: Total Balance and Wellness: Finding the Blind Spot

Bio:  As the former Chairperson of Educators for the National Speakers Association, Scott possesses a unique ability to motivate his audiences through his unique blend of humor, positive energy, sincerity and honesty. He is an educator, entrepreneur and entertainer, truly committed to the emotional and intellectual development of each and every person he meets.

Scott reminds us that everyone is exceptional in some way and that each of you are truly limitless. Through humorous and uplifting stories, Scott will inspire you to embrace your innermost brilliance, while challenging you to live life with a purpose. Most importantly, you will be encouraged to trust in, and love yourself, realizing that life is what “YOU” make it.

Scott earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from Bentley University, in Waltham, Massachusetts. Soon after graduating, he studied International Business at the Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico. Later, he was awarded the prestigious Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation’s Scholarship for emerging entrepreneurs, and received an MBA from Texas State University. Following graduate school, Scott became a Director for the Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation and served on boards for a host of other non-profits. Today, he is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, business professor, author, and life-long learner. .

Disclosure: Scott Goyette has the following relevant financial relationships, potential or perceived, with commercial or conflicts of interest to disclose:

  • Scott Goyette is and author and public speaker who markets coaching, live presentations, and books on similar topics. The potential or perceived conflict relates to self promotion of other products.

Review of Conflicts Policy:  The UT Austin College of Pharmacy has a very strict policy to ensure against commercial conflicts of interest in CE programming.  For this conference, the planning committee picks two committee members who have appropriate backgrounds to review content, and report any potential conflict of interest to the CPE Director.  If conflict issues are discovered, they are addressed with speakers to make appropriate changes. Evaluations are collected from all participants with specific questions around the listed conflicts of commercial interest.