Matthew McCurdy, MD, Ph.D., DABR

Matthew McCurdy,
Board-Certified Cancer Specialist
Austin Cancer Center

Presentation: Integrative Therapies for the Cancer Patient

Bio:  Dr. Matthew McCurdy is a Radiation Oncologist and Integrative Oncologist at Austin Cancer Center.  Dr. McCurdy is trained in integrative medicine, and he incorporates mind, body and spirit in the healing process.  He works closely with practitioners to bring wellness using complimentary therapies such as botanicals/herbs, nutrition, physical activity, yoga, mind-body techniques, acupuncture, and energy medicine.  Dr. McCurdy received his MD from Baylor College of Medicine and PhD in Bioengineering from Rice University through the NIH-funded MD/PhD program. Dr. McCurdy was a project engineer at NASA prior to medical school. Dr. McCurdy is a former elite triathlete and current local elite marathoner.

Disclosure: Dr. McCurdy has no relevant financial relationship(s), potential or perceived, with commercial or conflicts of interest to disclose.