Marisa S. P. Toups, M.D.


Marisa S. P. Toups, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School


  • Psychopharmacology Myths or Facts
  • Dietary and Natural Treatments for Mental Health Disorders: Fact vs. Fiction


Dr. Toups is a clinician scientist specializing in the study of the interplay between physical and mental functions in health and disease. Her work focuses on understanding the effects of medical illness, particularly chronic inflammatory disorders, on mood and function. She completed a clinical research fellowship at the Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care at UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX and is an expert in the management of treatment resistant depression with a special interest in patients with co-morbid autoimmune and metabolic disorders. She also has extensive experience in clinical trials developing new ways of assessing and treating depression.

Dr. Toups’ current research focuses on understanding specific mechanisms of bi-directional communication between the brain and immune system. Imbalance in this communication increases the risk of depression, as well as chronic inflammatory disorders such as diabetes. Dr. Toups is using genomic, gene expression, and metabolic analyses to better understand why some people are more vulnerable to this maladaptive pattern of brain-immune function with the ultimate goal of identifying targets for future therapies.

Disclosure: Dr Toups has no relevant financial relationship(s), potential or perceived, with commercial or conflicts of interest to disclose.