Rania Kattura, PharmD, MSPhr, BCPP



Rania Kattura, PharmD, MSPhr, BCPP
Clinical Psychiatric Pharmacist
Austin State Hospital

Presentation: Clozapine Update and Management of Side Effects


Dr. Rania Kattura received her PharmD. degree at The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy. She completed a PGY2 in Residency Psychiatric Pharmacy in combination with a Masters of Science in Pharmacy at The University of Texas at Austin and its affiliated institutions (Austin State Hospital, Seton Shoal Creek, Temple VA and City of Austin Community Clinics). She is board certified in psychiatric pharmacy. Currently, Dr. Kattura is a Clinical Pharmacist at the Austin State hospital. As a clinical pharmacist, she participates in direct patient care as a member of a multidisciplinary treatment team, provides weekly medication education groups and completes psychopharmacology consults when requested by the physicians at the hospital. The patient population she works with suffers a variety of psychiatric disorders such as depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. In addition to her patient care responsibilities, Dr Kattura staffs in the ASH pharmacy and precepts PharmD students on rotation. Dr Kattura ensures to attend the UT psych update annually, and has been a member of its planning committee for many years.

Disclosure: Dr. Kattura has no relevant financial relationship(s), potential or perceived, with commercial or conflicts of interest to disclose.