Virtual Conference Information

This page is dedicated to providing information and instructions about this year’s virtual event.  Whether you are a longtime participant or a new attendee, the information below will help you to enjoy this year’s unique event!

Virtual Format

The 32nd Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy Update VIRTUAL Conference includes a one-day LIVE BROADCAST of educational sessions plus twelve ON DEMAND recorded sessions.  Overall, the conference will provide over 20 hours of continuing education content in the following format.

  • Live Broadcast – Thursday, October 15, 2020 (8am to 5pm CST) – 7 broadcast sessions with ample time for Q&A, online polling, and other features.
  • On Demand – 12 hours of online video CE content – Launching October 13, 2020
  • Year Long Access – On Demand content, along with recordings of the Live Broadcast, will be available for on demand viewing through October of 2021
  • “Ask the Expert” Webinars – Select faculty of the On Demand sessions will host live “Ask the Experts” webinars during the noon hour (CT) throughout the fall.  Webinar schedules currently under development.

How to Participate in the Virtual Event

This year’s virtual event will use the same Learning Management System that has been used for the past several years to register, access slides, and complete online evaluations for the traditional live conference.  Participants will login and register for the event just as they have always done, which will give them access to LIVE Broadcast sessions, On Demand recorded sessions, program materials, and online evaluations to claim CE credit.  Everything needed to enjoy the virtual event is in one easy-to-access location!

How to Participate in the 2020 Virtual Event:

  1. Register for the event – visit the event registration site to login/register for the event. (see the registration tab for pricing and discount information)
  2. Download the Zoom App for optimal viewing of the LIVE Broadcast and Ask the Expert sessions on your preferred device.
  3. Log back into the event LMS site whenever it is time to access the LIVE Broadcast or On Demand sessions
  4. Return to the program content page here.  Scroll down and click on the tab of the next upcoming webinar session.
  5. After opening the tab, look for the Webinar Link for each session.  Click on the webinar link.
  6. After the webinar broadcast is complete, click on the “complete evaluation” button to complete session evaluations for CE credit.
    • Note: Evaluations will not open until after the scheduled time that the session is to end.  Even if the broadcast were to end early, the evaluation will not open until the original time is complete.


View the 2020 Virtual Participation – Demo Video  This video offers a brief walk-through of the steps to participate in the virtual event

Live Broadcasts

The 32nd Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy Update – VIRTUAL Conference will offer LIVE Broadcast sessions on Thursday, October 15 via Zoom (view LIVE Broadcast agenda).  All LIVE Broadcast sessions will also be recorded, so participants will not risk missing any content based on their busy schedule!

Each live session will include a slide presentation, with both the speaker and the slides viewable on screen.  Participants will also have the opportunity to submit questions for the speaker to address at the end of the session.  Lastly, participants will be given opportunities to actively engage during the session through polling and other optional interactive exercises.  It is a truly comprehensive learning experience for all types of learners.

All LIVE Broadcast sessions are included with event registration and will be accessible through the event registration site.

Be sure to have the Zoom app downloaded: Download Zoom

Step-by-Step Process for Viewing Live Broadcasts on October 15:

  • Access Content (log in): On October 15, go to the main content page here.
  • Links to the Zoom Webinars: Open the tab, and then click the Zoom webinar link for that session.
    • Note, there is a different link for each Live Broadcast session.  For each session you have to click on the tab, and on the Zoom link for each session when its scheduled to start.
  • Log into Your FREE Zoom Account: Be sure to have logged in to your Zoom account.
  • Questions for the Speakers: You can submit questions to the presenter via the “Q&A” link at the bottom of the Zoom page.
    • Our committee will be reviewing questions, and asking the speaker during the last 10 minutes of the session.
  • Evaluations for CE Credit: Once the session has ended, click on the green Complete Evaluation button to complete the online evaluation for CE credit.
    • Note, evaluations must be completed for each broadcast session and on demand video.
    • Credit and sessions completed will be added to your certificates (pharmacy NABP profile) upon completion
  • Breaks between Sessions:  There will be 15 min breaks between sessions.  After the break, make sure to open the next tab for the new Zoom link.
  • Exhibitors:  Be sure to visit our online exhibitors as well.
  • Overall Evaluation: After the last session of the day on October 15, please take a moment to complete the “OVERALL EVALUATION“.
    • Your feedback is extremely important to us, and your suggestions help us develop topics for the 2021 event.

On Demand Recorded Sessions

The 32nd Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy Update VIRTUAL Conference will also feature 12 On Demand prerecorded sessions, which will be launched on October 13 and will be available for registrants to view on their own anytime.  Recordings of the LIVE Broadcasts will also be available for on-demand viewing within one week of the live broadcast.   Registrants will be able to access all content offered during this virtual event, regardless of their busy schedules.

On Demand sessions will include video-recorded presentations, with both the speaker and the slides viewable on screen.  The slides will also be available as a PDF download.  Participants will also have an opportunity to ask questions to select presenters of On Demand sessions – see “Ask the Expert” up above.

All On Demand sessions are included with event registration and will be accessible through the event registration site

Step-by-Step On Demand Session Instructions:
  • On demand sessions follow the live listings.
  • Click on the tab of the session titles of most interest to you.
  • View the videos in each tab.
  • After viewing the video, click on the green “Take the Test” button.  After you complete the ungraded test, you can then complete the online evaluation for CE credit.
  • Some speakers will be hosting Q&A webinars through the rest of the fall.  Announcements will be emailed to you after the Live Broadcast.
  • Recordings of the Live Broadcast sessions will be added within 10 days after Oct 15, so you can view content you missed, or revisit the presentations.

Ask the Expert Webinars – October through December

A series of live “Ask the Expert” webinars will be hosted during the noon hour (CST) throughout October/November.

Each “Ask the Expert” webinar will feature a select presenter from one of the On Demand sessions, who will answer questions from participants who have completed that particular On Demand session.  This gives participants an opportunity to ask questions to On Demand presenters, just like they get to do with live presenters. A schedule for the Ask the Expert webinar series will be available by late August.

All Ask the Expert webinars are included with event registration and will be accessible through the event registration site.

Be sure to have the Zoom app downloaded: Download Zoom

Online Evaluations & CE Credit

An online evaluation must be completed following each session (Live Broadcast and On Demand) if you wish to claim CE credit for your participation.

Important Note About LIVE CE Credit: 

To receive LIVE CE credit for participating in the Live Broadcast sessions on October 15, you must submit your online evaluations within 7 days of the event (BEFORE October 23).  After 7 days have passed, the session will be transitioned to an On Demand session that offers home-study CE Credit.

System Requirements

Please ensure the computer system you plan to use meets the following minimum requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher, macOS Sierra (10.12) or higher
  • Internet Browser: Chrome 30 or higher, Firefox 27 or higher, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Safari 9 or higher
  • Internet connection: Cable, High-speed DSL, and any other medium that is internet accessible
  • Peripherals: Computer speakers or headphones
  • Media Viewing Requirements: Adobe Reader, HTML5
  • Download Zoom application: Download Zoom