CPE for Preceptors

Online Preceptor CPE

The following courses are free for UT Austin preceptors, and $5.00 for non-UT Austin preceptors.  The activities here were recorded at UT Austin preceptor events, and the content was focused on UT Austin.  However, much of the content could be useful for non-UT Austin preceptors. Feel free to explore these topics.

Well-being in Learning Environments: Thriving In and Out of the Classroom • Redd • 1.00 CPE
Transforming the Culture of Healthcare Delivery: Integrating Interprofessional Learning in the Practice Setting • Young • 1.00 CPE
Preceptor: Six Simple Tips for Creating Customized Learning Experiences • Canada • 1.00 CPE

The following courses are coming soon:

Finding a Good Work-Life Balance with a Focus on Precepting • Cox • 1.25 CPE
Preceptor and Student Intern Roles in the Pharmacist Patient Care Process • Barnes • 1.00 CPE
Developing a Performance Improvement Plan for Student Interns • Soefje • 1.00 CPE
Entrustable Professional Activities: Medicine’s Experience and Implications for Pharmacy • Moreno • 1.00 CPE

UT Austin Preceptor Online Courses for ONLY UT Austin Preceptors.

The following course are restricted to UT Austin preceptors, or those applying to become a UT Austin preceptor.  The content would not be useful for non-UT Austin preceptors.

UT Preceptor Orientation Series • Riddings-Myhra • 3.00 CPE

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