About CPG

Our Mission

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Fostering public sector innovation and creative solutions to today’s challenges through teaching, research, and real-world engagement.

Major Initiatives

Politics, Policy, & Leaders
Reimagining Cities

What We Do

Student Engagement

  • Provide a Full Year Internship Program at the Texas Legislature, combining world-class instruction with hands-on experience in the offices of state legislators.
  • Promote direct student participation with state and local government by sponsoring student organizations and activities such as training students as voter registrars.
  • Teach innovative courses including Conversations on Leadership, Modern American Political Campaign, and Social Filmmaking.
  • Develop student research capabilities through participation in full year research project classes.

Research Engagement

  • Conduct original research regarding digital government and use of social media.
  • Produce research reports such as “Texas Transparency: Beyond Raw Data” and “Texas Financial Transparency: Open and Online.”
  • Author book chapter- “Transparency Issues in E-Governance and Civic Engagement” in a book in entitled Active Citizen Participation in E-Government: A Global Perspective released in January 2012.

Public Policy Engagement

  • Provide expertise to the Texas Legislature and media organizations on political campaigns, digital government, transparency, and public financial management.
  • Formulate public policy solutions by transforming CPG research recommendations into actionable legislation.

Civic Engagement

  • Expose students, faculty and the community to cutting edge ideas by bringing national leaders and experts to speak at the CPG@LBJ Perspective Series.
  • Host candidate forums and debates to inform citizen decision-making and facilitate public participation.