Promoting effective governance by providing emerging leaders with a substantive and practical base of knowledge is the cornerstone of the Center’s efforts. The Center provides courses that covering a diverse array of political topics led by some of the profession’s foremost experts and practitioners. Students can become an integral part of the Center’s research by taking one of the following courses:

  • Campaigns and Elections – Daron Shaw
  • Election Law and Policy – Ray Martinez
  • Lobbying for Non-Profits – Sherri Greenberg
  • Media in Public Affairs – Dan Bartlett
  • Modern American Political Campaign – Sherri Greenberg
  • Money and US Politics – Brian Roberts
  • Conversations on Leadership – Evan Smith
  • Principles and Practices of Effective Leadership – Howard T. Prince
  • Social Filmmaking – Paul Stekler
  • State and Financial Online Transparency – Sherri Greenberg
  • The American Presidency – Bruce Buchanan
  • Texas Legislature, Lobbying & Internship - Sherri Greenberg
  • Transit-Oriented Development - Ming Zhang
  • Use of Social Media by Members of Congress – Sherri Greenberg
  • Policy Research Projects