CPSA – Rio Grande Valley


To serve the Rio Grande Valley community for the purpose of improving our society’s health and health education.


  • Obtain a health snapshot of the rural Rio Grande Valley via research initiatives conducted during health screenings
  • Educate the Rio Grande Valley with regards to health risks and disease prevention
  • Expose youth to the Cooperative Pharmacy Program and encourage scholarship in health care
  • Expose students to the rural community and the health associated needs within it
  • Provide opportunities for networking with pharmacists and pharmacist preceptors
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration with other health care professions

Who do we serve?

The Rio Grande Valley, informally referred to as ‘the valley’, is a cluster of cities composed of four counties: Starr County, Hidalgo County, Willacy County, and Cameron County. As of January 1, 2012, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated the population of the Metropolitan Area at 1,305,782. Over 80% of the population is comprised of hispanics, presenting a need for the culturally competent health care professionals. Because, much of the population is underserved and uninsured, there is a discrepancy in the provision of health care that we can fill as pharmacy students. We strive to educate our community on disease states such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia that are pertinent to them. It is our desire to increase health awareness in order to facilitate effective chronic disease management and disease prevention.

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