Internship: Summer Service Internship Program (Tajikistan)

Deadline for Applications: March 25, 2016 (Midnight)

The following internship placements are open for either six or eight week terms:

IRODA (Parents and Children with Autism Initiative)

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Overview: Dedicated to raising awareness of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Tajikistan, this organization works to increase services for children with ASD and their parents. The organization provide
s training to government, education and medical professionals about ASD and lobbies lawmakers for support of children with ASD and their families. It also provides developmental and early intervention programs for children aged 6 to 12, as well as life skills programs for older children and parental support groups.

Needs:  IRODA seeks up to four Unofficial Ambassadors to perform different roles. Up totwo communications and development interns are needed to develop and maintain IRODA’s website. This position will also involve identifying funding opportunities an drafting sections of funding proposals in English. Up to two program associates are requested to support or lead sports and arts activities with children in coordination with staff. IRODA is also developing a local volunteer program, and there is opportunity for a program associate to play an instrumental role in implementing this program.

Preferred Qualifications:
~ Candidates with experience or training in childcare or education, particularly working with children with special needs, are preferred for the program support position.
~ Candidates with experience in communications, website design, publishing, research, and proposal writing are preferred for the communications and fundraising placements.
~ Candidates with experience in volunteer recruitment, organization, and mobilization are requested for the assignment of helping to plan out a local volunteer program.
~ Experience or training in ASD issues and education is preferred for all positions.

Civil Internet Policy Initiative (CIPI)

Overview: Established in 2003, CIPI promotes free and open Internet access in Tajikistan in partnership with government organizations and local stakeholders with support from the Open Society Institute (OSI) and Internews Network. In addition to its internet freedom programs, CIPI offers computer skills classes in English for students between the ages of 14-21. CIPI is also the organizer of the OSI-funded Social Innovation Camp for young people who seek to apply IT to meet critical social needs.

Needs: CIPI seeks two Unofficial Ambassadors to perform different roles.  A programmer is needed to write code for CIPI’s wesite, an train others to write code. A communications and development intern is needed to write and edit English language content for CIPI’s website. This position will also involve conducting English language outreach to potential partners and stakeholders, researching funding opportunities, and drafting sections of funding proposals, in English.

Preferred Qualifications:
~Candidates with experience or training in writing, research, public communications or proposal development are preferred for these placements.
~Candidates must have experience writing code to be considered for the programming position. Applicants with experience or a demonstrated interest in computers, the internet or civil rights, are also desired.


Tajik Community Based Tourism Association

mountains in TajikistanOverview: Founded in 2014, the TCBTA is a non-profit organization whose activities are aimed at developing community-based tourism (CBT) in Tajikistan and the Central Asia region.  The TCBTA’s mission is to improve the livelihood of community members working in tourism, create jobs, increase women’s participation in CBT activities, develop handicraft and cultural initiatives, and familiarize tourists with traditional ways of living. The TCBTA represents the interests of the community-based tourism sector to the Tajik government, and advocates for the rights of those working in the sector. Community-based tourism is a form of ecotourism where local entrepreneurs exercise significant control over their own management and development of their tourism services and maintain the income that they generate within their own communities. The TCBTA is co-located with the Bactria Cultural Centre and ACTED (read about those placements below).

Need: TCBTA seeks a communications intern who will support increased visibility and awareness for the community-based tourism sector in Tajikistan. This unofficial ambassador will further develop the TCBTA website, support its search engine optimization, develop brochures for the CBT industry, and support the director with similar tasks to grow this sector.

Preferred Qualifications:
~Candidates should have experience working in public relations and or communications.
~Candidates should have strong communication skills (written and oral).
~Candidates should be knowledgeable about SEO.
~Candidates should have an interest in small and medium sized enterprises, ecotourism, the preservation of cultures, hiking and other outdoor activities, and/or the handicraft sector.



Overview:  ACTED is a French non-governmental organization committed to humanitarian relief.  ACTED supports those in urgent need and protects their dignity while creating long-term opportunities for sustainable growth and fulfilling people’s potential. Founded in 1993, ACTED has a staff of over 5,000 people who provide aid to populations in 34 countries affected by crisis using an approach that is both local and global, multidisciplinary and adapted to each context. In Tajikistan, ACTED’s strategy is focused specifically on promoting holistic disaster risk management, inclusive local governance, and sustainable rural economic development within each of the country’s four provinces. ACTED’s interventions have ranged from managing natural resources to preventing natural disasters to strengthening collaborative mechanisms for community governance.

Need: ACTED seeks a communications intern who will support the organization in creating English-language outreach materials geared towards issue-based advocacy and the promotion of ACTED’s work in Tajikistan.  This unofficial ambassador will further develop the ACTED website for Tajikistan, producing content for the site based upon project reporting.

Preferred Qualifications:
~Candidates should have experience in public relations or communications, and strong writing skills.
~Candidates should have an interest in natural resource management, governance, and economic development. This is an especially good placement for an unofficial ambassador who is interested in learning more about international NGOs the field of humanitarian relief.


The Bactria Cultural Centre

Overview: Opened in 2001, the Bactria Cultural Centre is a French humanitarian NGO that focuses on providing vocational training, language instruction, computer training and a range of cultural programs and workshops for young people and adults in Tajikistan. The center is based in Dushanbe.

Need: The Bactria Cultural Centre seeks two Unofficial Ambassadors to teach English to adult learners, and one Unofficial Ambassador to assist with communications and outreach efforts. The communications intern will write and edit communications materials in English, plan a structure for the center’s website, and support online outreach efforts. This position will also support cultural programming at the Centre.

Preferred Qualifications:
~Candidates interested in the English teaching role should have prior experience teaching or tutoring experience
~Candidates interested in the communications role should have strong writing skills; experience or knowledge of website design is preferred

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