Internship: Student Trainee (Contract): Pathways Internship Experience Program (IEP)

Deadline for Applications: September 13, 2016

Job Overview:

This vacancy announcement will be open from 09/07/2016 to 09/13/2016. Only the first 100 applicants will be considered. The vacancy will close on whichever day the first of these conditions are met. If the application limit is reached on the same day the announcement opened, the open and close date will be the same. Candidates are encouraged to read the entire announcement before submitting their application packages.

Salary Range: $35,265.00 to $56,790.00 / Per Year

The Pathways Internship Program targets students accepted for enrollment or currently enrolled in a qualifying educational program in an accredited institution, on a full or half-time basis with paid opportunities to work in agencies and explore Federal careers while still in school. Applicants must meet the definition of “student” in order to be considered for this opportunity. Internship appointments under the Internship Experience Program (IEP) are non-temporary and can last the duration of the student’s academic program. This will be determined at the time of selection. At the successful conclusion of the program, interns may be eligible for non-competitive conversion to a Federal career or career-conditional position in the competitive service. Interns may work full-time or part-time schedules.

Pathways candidates must meet the DOS qualification standards applicable to the position being filled. All applicants must meet the qualifications by the closing date of this announcement.

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 at time of application and must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA throughout the entire Pathways Internship appointment;
  • Degree does not have to be related to the position/series; however to be eligible, candidate must meet the OPM qualification standards for the position to which the Intern may be converted.

Student means an individual accepted for enrollment or enrolled and seeking a degree (diploma, certificate, etc.) in a qualifying educational institution, on a full or half-time basis (as defined by the institution in which the student is enrolled), including awardees of the Harry S. Truman Foundation Scholarship Program under Public Law 93-842. Students need not be in actual physical attendance, so long as all other requirements are met. An individual who needs to complete less than the equivalent of half an academic/vocational or technical course-load immediately prior to graduating is still considered a student for purposes of this Program.


Contracts and Procurement Division (DS/MGT/CAP)

The Contracts and Procurement Division (DS/MGT/CAP) provides acquisition planning support and support services for supplies, services and equipment, interagency acquisition agreements (IAAs), Personal Services Contracts (PSCs), credit card purchases, and Federal assistance awards.

Acquisition Planning Support activities include:

  • Assist program offices in writing statements of work (SOWs), Justifications and Approvals (J&As) for sole source requirements, Determinations and Findings (D&Fs), and independent Government Cost Estimates
  • Coordinate the processing and award of DS contracting requests and procurement packages with the Office of Acquisitions Management (A/LM/AQM)

Support Services activities include:

  • Manage DS IAAs and Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPRs) with other Federal agencies
  • Manage the DS PSC Program and the DS Purchase Card Program
  • Work with DS Program Offices to develop, negotiate, award, administer, and interpret policy for all DS Federal assistance awards (i.e., grants and cooperative agreements)
  • Provide extensive support to the Office of Antiterrorism Assistance (DS/T/ATA) Purchase Card holders

Additional activities include:

  • Maintain a SharePoint site that houses service contacts and third-party contractor databases that provide DS personnel access and visibility to DS/MGT/CAP’s information
  • Provide advice and guidance to the Assistant Secretary (A/S), office directors, division chiefs, managers, and support staff regarding the best acquisition and contracting approaches to meet mission requirements
  • Serve as liaison between the Program Offices and A/LM/AQM to provide explanations of procurement rules and regulations, and DS’s specific requirements to A/LM/AQM contract specialists.

As a trainee, the employee performs developmental professional assignments that support the procurement activities of the organization. Procures a limited range of supplies or services through formal advertising, or through limited use of negotiation techniques. Negotiated transactions are usually developmental assignments designed to increase the employee’s skill and knowledge. Procurements involve standardized specifications and established markets, such as for technical items or special purpose equipment, or such services as repair, rental, educational, and maintenance of machines and equipment. The incumbent does not exercise discretion and independent judgment with respect to Contract matters of significance.
Reviews incoming requisitions to determine that proper specifications or purchase descriptions are included in solicitation documents. Selects appropriate clauses to cover special conditions, and contacts technical personnel to resolve questions of applicability of specifications, terms, or other routine items.
Under the direction of higher-graded specialists, participates in the procurement of technical items using formal advertised methods that involve more complex processes and specifications. Evaluates bids or proposals for compliance with specifications or purchase descriptions and applicable clauses. Considers financial responsibility of suppliers by evaluating contract performance on previous contracts. Meets with commercial representatives to discuss procurement needs, quality of items or services, current market prices, or delivery schedules.
Duties at the GS-05/07 are similar in nature but vary in degree of difficulty and supervision.

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