Study Abroad: USA in Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine)

Deadline for Applications: February 28, 2018

USA in Eastern Europe

This program, run by the University of South Alabama through the School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS), will specifically address the history, culture, economy, and politics of these relatively young Slavic nations of the Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine, and their role within the European and International community today. It will focus on the struggle for these nations to find a national identity and to forge their own path despite massive amounts of pressure from external entities. Special attention will be paid to the history of the Jewish populations in the region, the history of the region over the past 100 years, and the popular political movements and revolutions in the past 40 years. Students will spend 3-4 days in each location visiting specific locations and museums as well as meeting with local scholars and experts who lived through these turbulent times in order to piece together an understanding of this often overlooked, but extremely important, part of Europe.

The Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine have gone through enormous changes over the past 100 years. The Czech lands and Poland saw periods of independence throughout their history while also being part of large empires throughout the 18th and 19th century. Ukraine itself has a long history of being part of ancient empires and is the origin of the modern states of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the people of Czechoslovakia and Poland fought for a change of government through a series of popular grassroots movements. Today, the Czech Republic and Poland are both members of NATO and the EU. The Czech Republic has the lowest rate of unemployment in the EU and is seen as one of the most progressive nations in the world while Poland is a modern hub for technology and innovation. Ukraine itself has a long history of national movements that sought an independent Ukraine. In 1991, Ukraine left the Soviet Union and has since been an independent nation. In the past fifteen years, Ukraine has witnessed two large popular movements with the Orange Revolution in 2004/2005 and the recent Euromaidan Revolution in 2014. Since 2014, Ukraine and Russia have been at odds over Crimea and a few breakaway republics in eastern Ukraine.

Students will register for the following class for six (6) University of South Alabama credit hours in either IS, HY, or PSC courses:

  • IS/HY/PSC 390 – Power of the Powerless: Revolutions and Social Movements in Eastern Europe
  • IS/HY/PSC 390 – National Identity and the State in Eastern Europe**Students not currently enrolled at USA must make application to the University of South Alabama prior to enrolling in this program. This course is part of the USA summer schedule of courses.

    Tentative Program Itinerary:

May 25-29 – Prague ( Museum of Communism, Czech Beer Museum, Prague Jewish Museum, Walking tour)

May 29 – Overnight train to Krakow

May 30 – June 01 – (Schindler’s Factory, Auschwitz/Birkenau, Jewish Quarter, Royal (Wawel) Castle)

June 02-06 – Warsaw (Warsaw Rising Museum, POLIN museum, Walking tour, guest speakers on Solidarity Movement)

June 06-10 – Kiev – (Tour of center (guided), guest speakers (3): Orange Revolution, Conflict in Ukraine Today, Babiy Yar/Jewish history in Ukraine, Maidan tour, WWII Museum Tour)

Program Costs:
The cost of the USA in Eastern Europe summer 2018 program is $3,099. Program cost does include all in-country transportation, including all specified excursions and airport transfers for those who arrive on the assigned day and time, accommodations and meals as described above, welcome and departure dinners, specified museum entrance fees, and international health insurance and emergency assistance. Tuition for six (6) credit hours is also included and financial aid may be applied to the cost of the trip. Program cost DOES NOT include international airfare. However, the Office of International Education will reserve and facilitate flights on behalf of all students who would like assistance. All meals, other than specified dinners, are at the participant’s own expense. Participants should budget additional funds for supplies or personal expenses such as souvenirs or independent travel based upon individual spending habits. Program items may be changed in lieu of a price increase.

Deadline: February 28th 

For more information, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Nick Gossett ( The link to program website can be found here: