Grad. Program: Ph.D. in Rus. Lit and Culture (Princeton Uni.)

Deadline for Applications: December 31, 2019

The Princeton Slavic Department has announced their Ph.D. degree in Russian Literature and Culture and is encouraging all interested students to apply. This is a very competitive program

The Princeton Slavic Department offers the Ph.D. degree in Russian Literature and Culture. The program provides students with a firm foundation in their major area as well as the opportunity to explore related fields, for example: comparative literature, literary and cultural theory, and other Slavic languages and literatures. Individual programs vary in accordance with the interests and background of each student. Graduate seminars cover historical periods (e.g., Russian Realism, Symbolism, Soviet and Post-Soviet Literature and Culture, and Classical Russian music), specific authors (e.g., Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Tsvetaeva, Nabokov), theoretical approaches to literature (e.g., twentieth-century Russian approaches to literature and culture: the formalists, the Tartu school and Bakhtin), interdisciplinary subjects (visual culture, medical humanities), and language pedagogy.

The program of study is flexible enough to allow students with different backgrounds the opportunity to explore areas of special interest (which may extend beyond the Slavic Department and even beyond Princeton). Graduate students regularly organize conferences on topics of interest. These conferences provide an opportunity to interact with graduate students from other American universities and abroad, as well as with established scholars who serve as keynote speakers and discussants. Meetings with professors are frequent, and advanced graduate students work closely with their dissertation advisors (for a list of our faculty, see We welcome strong students from all over the world.

Since the graduate program was reinstated in 1991,  students have gone on to faculty positions at Boston University, Bucknell University, Indiana University, McGill University, New School University, Notre Dame, Ohio State University, Pomona College, University of Missouri at Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers University, Stanford University, University of Texas at Austin, Vanderbilt University, University of Washington at Seattle, Wellesley College, Willamette University and The College of Wooster. Several have received multi-year post-docs (at Harvard, Kenyon College, UCLA, USC, and Vanderbilt).

The Slavic Department usually admits two students into the program each year. Candidates accepted into the program receive full funding (full tuition, health insurance, and living stipend) for five years. As part of this award – and as part of their professional training – students normally teach at least two semesters of literature, language, or both, usually after the general examinations. The Department does NOT require the GRE test, but does require the TOEFL for those who are not native speakers of English.

The Department strongly encourages prospective students to contact the them and if at all possible to come to campus to meet the faculty. To arrange a visit, please e-mail the Office Manager Ms. Kate Fischer at

The application deadline is December 31, 2019 – 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.