Study Abroad: Summer Intl School on Emerging Economy (Yerevan)

Deadline for Applications: Ongoing Until Filled (Classes take place July 15–19, 2019)

Fluent speakers of Russian, majoring in economics, statistics, and finance: rising sophomores, and up, graduate students, and recent graduates are invited to participate in the Second International School in Yerevan, capital of Armenia.

Announcement  and the course program

The classes will take place July 15 to 19, 2019 at 128 Nalbandyan St, Yerevan 0025, Armenia.

Topic: Challenges for Emerging Economy II
Participation is free of charge, registration is required. Languages of instruction: Russian, English

Honorary Lecture: Madina Karamysheva, HSE University
Lecture topic: Prudential policy and systemic risk: the role of interconnections

Abstract: The impact of prudential policies in open economies depends not only on their intrinsic efficacy but also on the feedback of the policy through close financial partners. Using a dataset of advanced countries, we find that prudential policy measures reduce systemic risk in the financial system in the 2000-2014 time period.
We show that indirect effect in case of uniform interventions enforces the direct one and accounts for up to 87% of total risk reduction. The policies though remain insignificant for GIIPS countries which stay dependent on actions and responses of their financial counter-parties.

Summer School Instructors: graduate students of the Doctoral School of Economics, HSE and University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Zaruhi Hakobyan (HSE, University of Luxembourg): Economics of Information, networks, populism, and experiments
Ramis Khabibullin (HSE): Introduction to Bayesian Methods
Daria Pudova (HSE): Political Economy of Development and Conflict
Polina Koroleva (HSE): Theory of Industrial Organization
Andrei Kostyrka (University of Luxembourg): Effective Evaluation of Econometric Models

Course descriptions are available at the link: or QR code
Master classes and workshops will also be offered. Working language- Rus/ENG
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About the venue:
Second International Summer School on Economic Theory
Challenges for Emerging Economy II  is a joint project of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia), the Armenian State University of Economics (Yerevan, Armenia), and the Faculty of Economics and Law of the University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

The classes will take place July 15 to 19, 2019 at 128 Nalbandyan St, Yerevan 0025, Armenia.
Announcement:  and the course program

The main goals and objectives of the school:

  • To develop international educational, research and professional network of rising professionals  from different countries.

  • To acquaint participants  with modern and relevant concepts and methods of scientific research in areas such as: the theory of industry markets, econometric modeling, political economy of conflicts, network theory, information economics, manipulation and experimental economics, Bayesian methods

Additional Information:
in Moscow – Head of the International Department of the Faculty of Economic Sciences Oxana Budjko
in Yerevan – Head of Foreign Relations Division, Armenian State University of Economics Vard Ghukasyan Tel: +374 10 59 34 84 Fax: +374 10 52 88 64