CFP: Teaching Culture Through Language

Deadline: August 1, 2020

AATSEEL is organizing the stream on Teaching Culture through Language with the focus on a proficiency-based and student-centered approach.

They would welcome two to three roundtables with examples of how to teach the topics connected with:

Cooking classes
Singing classes
Socialist and post-socialist realia
Everyday life
Holidays and celebrations
“Кто виноват и что делать?”
Urban and village terms
Religious realia
Internet culture and memes
(Post)Imperial way of life

The idea is to share successful examples of your in-class work and lesson plans, including but not limited to flipped classrooms, project-based language learning, fully on-line courses with synchronous and asynchronous hours, field trips and others. Special attention could be paid to the assessment tools and evaluation criteria.

ACTFL put culture among one of the five Cs of World-Readiness Standards for Language Learning, crucial for modern-day foreign language learners and their readiness for career and acquiring 21st-century skills. How do we teach culture to the Generation Z students? Recent study published by the Chronicle of Higher Education, “The New Generation of Students. How colleges can recruit, teach, and serve Gen Z” (2018), found out that when describing an ideal educator, today’s students put as their least admired the following two qualities: ‘instructor who teaches me about important global issues’ and ‘instructor who has a global view of the world’. How do we incorporate culture into a foreign language curriculum and make it relevant to the Gen Z’s future plans and goals?

If you wish to participate in our stream, listed below, send your proposal to Head of the Stream division, Dr. Meghan Murphy-Lee, following the Proposal Guidelines for individual papers.

Teaching Culture through Language: from Novice to Advanced-level Classrooms Organizers: Irina Hniadzko, Olga Mukhortova, Olga Klimova, Viktoria Kim