Conference: The Other Europe: Changes and Challenges 1989

Event Date: September 11-12, 2020

On Sept 11-12, Yale University will host an international conference “THE OTHER EUROPE: CHANGES AND CHALLENGES 1989” that will run in a virtual format.  The conference will gather nearly 30 scholars from around the world to explore the cultural changes in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe over the past three decades and to reflect on the idea of the region’s “Europeanness.”  These questions will be explored through post-1989 literature, film, and the visual and performing arts.  The conference will also include a virtual 3D exhibit “Visual Acts of Radical Care: An Exhibition of Female Artists-Activists from Central and Eastern Europe,” curated by Yale Visiting Fellow Aniko Szucs.

In order to pre-register for the conference, please visit the conference website:, which includes conference program, paper abstracts, and prerecorded presentations.  Pre-registration is required to gain access to these presentations, which should be watched in advance of the panel sessions, and in order to virtually attend the webinar on Sept 11-12.  During the webinar, panelists will present only brief summaries of their pre-recorded presentations, and the remainder of the time will be devoted to discussion.  Audience members are welcome to use the chat feature to post questions and comments.