Grad Program: Master’s by Research in Russian and Czech, Online Option (University of Bristol)

Deadline: August 2, 2020 (Fall 2020); December 2, 2020 (Spring 2021)

The University of Bristol offers a one-year Master’s by Research (MPhil) in Russian and Czech for both on-campus students and distance learners. This is a research programme, meaning there are no taught classes, and the student will write a 25,000 word dissertation on a topic of their choice under the supervision of the faculty. It is a good option for a motivated student who already has a research topic in mind, and wants to gain research experience before applying for PhD programmes.

Our faculty have research experience in Russian literature from the 18C to the present, 19C/early 20C Russian intellectual history, cinema, visual culture, the cultural history of the Soviet Union, gender studies, Russian Orthodox culture, the medical humanities, and Czech literature from the 19C to the present.

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Grad. Program: Russian Studies (McGill | Montreal, Canada)

Deadline: January 6 (Fall Admission); August 14 (Winter Admission)

Russian Studies at McGill invites applications from talented students.  As part of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, we offer a uniquely multi-cultural and interdisciplinary environment. Our students and faculty are committed to open, culturally informed dialogue among national and across intellectual traditions.    

Our faculty specializes in 19th-21st century Russian literature and culture, working in such areas as Russian Romanticism, the Russian novel, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Russian drama, opera, film, and folklore, Russian modernism, high Stalinist culture, post-Soviet culture, Russian visual culture, cultural mythology, symbolic geography, and intertextuality. Beyond Russian Studies, our Department hosts a broad and flexible range of graduate seminars, including literary theory, film, digital humanities, and environmental and animal studies. A small but dynamic program allows for a great deal of personal attention, an atmosphere of collegiality and a close-knit intellectual community.

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Funding: (UT Austin Faculty) Subvention Grants for Publication of Scholarly Books

Deadline: August 31, 2020

The University of Texas at Austin Subvention Grants program is designed to assist faculty authors in the publication of scholarly books. Frequently university and other scholarly presses demand that authors provide funds to underwrite the publication of scholarly monographs and books. Subvention awards provide financial assistance to faculty members when departments and deans are unable to provide needed support.


  • Requesting author must be sole or primary author and currently appointed at The University of Texas at Austin as a faculty member. Preference is given to tenured or tenure-track faculty members.
  • Excluded from eligibility are temporary faculty or staff, individuals whose contracts will not be renewed the following year, or those who plan to resign in the current or subsequent academic year, and students.
  • Individuals who will receive a cash advance from the publisher are not qualified.
  • Subvention support of more than once in a three-year period is subject to availability of funds and the applicant pool.
  • The author and publisher must agree to acknowledge the President’s Office of the University of Texas at Austin for the subvention grant in the acknowledgement section of the book.
  • Funds are only paid directly to the publisher; authors may not be reimbursed from the account.
  • Publications can be in any language and any discipline.
  • Artwork, maps, photographs, permissions and other special production elements are allowed.
  • Publication of textbooks, translations of previously published books or book reprints will not be supported.
  • Routine author activities, such as indexing, or page and reprint costs of articles in professional journals are not covered.
  • If the book is not published, the author is expected to return the subvention grant to the University.
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