I. Publication:

  1. Do Universal Banks Finance Riskier but More Productive Firms? (with Farzad Saidi)
    Journal of Financial Economics
     Vol. 128 (2018), Pages 66–85

II. Working papers:

2. A Dynamic Theory of Collateral Quality and Long-term Interventions (7/2019, with Michael Junho Lee)
– Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Financial Economics

3. Risk-sharing, Investment, and Asset Prices According to Cournot and Arrow-Debreu (8/2019, with Michael Sockin)

4. Inefficient Asset Price Booms (4/2019)
– Revise and Resubmit, Review of Financial Studies
– Previously titled “Macroeconomic Effects of Secondary Market Trading”
– Winner, Lamfalussy Fellowship
– Runner-up, 2016 European Systemic Risk Board Ieke van den Burg Prize

5. Information Spillovers in Debt Auctions (4/2019, with Harold L. Cole and Guillermo Ordoñez)
– Previously titled “Debt Crises: For Whom the Bell Tolls”

6. A Walrasian Theory of Sovereign Debt Auctions with Asymmetric Information  (with Harold L. Cole and Guillermo Ordoñez)
– Also available as NBER Working Paper 24890

7. Bank Deregulation and the Rise of Institutional Lending (with Farzad Saidi)  (Revised November 2016)

III. Work in progress:

8. Financial Market Design (with Mahyar Sefidgaran and Michael Sockin)

9. Monetary Policy Transmission in Concentrated Financial Markets (with Michael Sockin)

10. Asymmetric Information in Sovereign Debt Auctions: Theory Meets Mexican Evidence (with Harold Cole and Guillermo Ordonez)