Welcome to Texas DBF!

Meeting Times: General meetings are on Sundays from noon-3pm in the Air Systems Laboratory (WRW 202). No dues or formal sign ups required, just show up! Every subteam meets during the general meetings, and subteams also individually set up a separate weekly meeting based on the availability of its members. Subteam meeting times for Spring 2017 will be provided as soon as they are decided. The first general meeting of the new semester will be Sunday, January 22, 2017. 
What we do: Design/Build/Fly (DBF) is a hands on experience in designing and building an RC aircraft from scratch for an international competition. UT DBF gives undergraduates the opportunity to design, fabricate, and demonstrate the flight capabilities of an RC aircraft to complete the missions outlined by competition rules, which change every year to add variety and more exposure to different design concepts. Work in a great team of students to learn about composites, 3D modeling, propulsion systems, airfoil analysis, and much more. Meet fellow Longhorns and gain valuable experience. Students of all skill and experience level are welcome!
The UT DBF team is comprised of four different subteams: aerodynamics, structures, systems, and propulsion. The aerodynamics team analyzes, designs, and builds the wings and empennage of the aircraft. The structures team designs and builds the fuselage. The systems team is in charge of the payload carrying/dropping mechanism and the landing gear. The propulsion team optimizes and builds the motor/propeller/battery configuration.
Some skills members have the opportunity to learn/develop include:
-SolidWorks (CADing and simulations)
-3D printing/laser cutting
-Machine shop tools
Feel free to email us at utexasdbf@gmail.com (and join our email list!)