Only trained Students and Faculty associated with the department of Art and Art History are permitted to use the lab facilities. If interested in receiving training, contact R. Eric McMaster for further details.

Please see machine pages for instructional information.


  • The lab is only available for school related projects or research.
  • It is expected that all users of the lab act in a safe manner.
  • The lab must be kept clean for the safety of machines and other users.
  • While operating machines, students should secure loose fitting clothing, long hair, or jewelry that could get caught in the machines.
  • Eye protection must be worn at all times in the CNC Router room.
  • All sanding, painting and finishing should be done outside of the lab.  The patio is available during lab hours. Spray paint is not permitted on the patio, please use spray booths located throughout the building.
  • The lab supplies some materials at cost to students.  All purchases are made using Bevo Bucks.
  • Lab staff do not provide fabrication services for students or faculty.


Small, flat materials may be stored in the lab’s flat files on a first come, first served basis.  Larger items can be stored in provided material racks. All stored items will be cleaned out at the end of every semester.

Dept. of Art and Art History