About the Initiative

Emerging research has for the first time pointed to the intersections of discrimination (including prejudice and stigma) as driving morbidity and mortality at a population level. Health-related spending tied to these disparities cost the U.S. more than one trillion dollars over a recent four-year span.

With new faculty with expertise in discrimination and health, along with developing initiatives at the Dell Medical School, Population Research Center (PRC), and other institutes and collaborations on campus, now is a critical time for UT to lead research in this field.

Our pop-up initiative launches an interdisciplinary network of UT and nationally and internationally-known scholars who focus on discrimination and health. Identified members of the initiative include leading experts that study multiple intersecting aspects of discrimination. As such, the group is positioned to make substantial contributions to research on discrimination in multiple settings; motivated by multiple forms of bias; with influence in multiple domains of human health; and policies, programs, and practices that reduce discrimination or moderate its role in undermining health.

With seven discussion meetings we will start our interdisciplinary collaboration and the planning for the Summer Institute. For more information please contact: Laura Baams, l.baams@utexas.edu