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UT Drupal Kit 2.2 Release

ITS is happy to announce the immediate availability of UT Drupal Kit 2.2, the second maintenance release for our University distribution since the inclusion of the Forty Acres theme and the Page Builder module. Additionally, we have also released the first two sets of “Add-On” features that can be downloaded separately and added to a Drupal Kit-based site.

There are some major changes to the Forty Acres and STARTERKIT themes in this release that will necessitate some work for developers who have created a STARTERKIT-based subtheme in any previous version of the Drupal Kit. And leveraging some of the other new features in version 2.2 will require manual configuration changes for existing sites.

We have extensive guidance available for users updating from previous versions, but first let’s walk through some of the notable features of the distribution update…