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UT Drupal Kit 2.3 Release

ITS is happy to announce the immediate availability of UT Drupal Kit 2.3, the third maintenance release for our University distribution since the inclusion of the Forty Acres theme and the Page Builder module.

Additionally, we have also released a new “Add-On” feature for Events that can be downloaded separately and added to a Drupal Kit-based site.

The full description of this release, including the Events add-on, is available in Mark Fullmer’s July 1 blog post, “Coming Soon, UT Drupal Kit 2.3.

How to Update the UT Drupal Kit

Complete instructions for updating a UT Drupal Kit site are available on the documentation wiki, including instructions for the patchfile-based approach that can be used to update sites hosted on UT Web.

Please review the release notes thoroughly, and always make backups of your code, files, and database before proceeding with an update!


Coming Soon: UT Drupal Kit 2.3

We are on the cusp of releasing our latest iteration of UT Drupal Kit: version 2.3. As with its predecessors, this release includes Drupal updates and also comes with a number of new features.


  • Security updates: Drupal 7.50 & contributed modules. Developers with existing Drupal Kit sites should follow UT Drupal Kit update steps as soon as possible.
  • An events content type is available as a standalone download.
  • Announcements can be displayed on the homepage or sitewide, with a variety of display options.
  • Drupal Kit sites can now be installed on or migrated to Pantheon‘s hosting service.
  • Twitter widget improvements: accessibility & retweet profile images.
  • Blocks from any contributed module can be configured to be available in the drag-and-drop Page Builder tool.
  • <object> and <param> tags (in addition to <script> and <iframe>) are now allowed to trusted content editors via the Blocks interface.
  • Pathologic and View Unpublished modules added.
  • A “Last Updated” timestamp can be displayed on a per-page basis.

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