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UT Drupal Kit 2.5 Release

ITS is happy to announce the immediate availability of UT Drupal Kit 2.5, the fifth maintenance release for our University distribution since the inclusion of the Forty Acres theme and the Page Builder module.

This release includes an update to Drupal core 7.53, as well as a number of contrib module updates, enhancements to custom functionality, and small bug-fixes.


The following contrib modules have been updated in UT Drupal Kit 2.5:

Please note that some modules included in the UT Drupal Kit distribution, including CKEditor and Media, have been patched in order to resolve specific issues resulting from interaction with other contrib or custom code in the distribution. All module patches are stored in the Drupal Kit codebase at profiles/utexas/patches for review by developers if needed.


social-sharing-blockUT Drupal Kit 2.5 includes a new “Social Sharing” module, which provides a configurable block containing links for site visitors to react to your content using common social media outlets.

The Social Sharing block can be placed in any available region on a Page Builder-enabled content type, and includes different rendering modes for when it is placed in full-width vs. sidebar regions.

Full documentation for the Social Sharing module is available on the UT Drupal Kit wiki.


Developers can now control which social media accounts are available to be configured in both the “Social Links” field and in the sitewide social accounts by adding an array to their settings.php file that contains a list of account names and the CSS class name of the associated icon from the icon font.

Example documentation of these settings is available in sites/default/settings.php and on the documentation wiki page for Social Media Configuration.


  • The UTexas Beacon module, which reports basic site information data about sites running the UT Drupal Kit distribution, will now submit data to a central collection point via HTTP request, rather than email.
  • The UTexas Fonts icon font has been updated to include a SnapChat icon and new versions of the YouTube and Instagram icons.
  • Field labels on the Page Builder templates and vertical tabs have been improved.
  • The Feature modules for the “Standard Page” and “Landing Page” content types have been updated to resolve an overridden setting resulting from an update to the Entity Reference module in UT Drupal Kit 2.4.


A bug was introduced in Drupal Kit 2.4 which, under a very specific combination of steps, could cause images added via WYSIWYG fields not to display correctly. This issue could only be triggered if CKEditor settings had been modified after updating to 2.4. To fully ensure the fix provided in 2.5 takes effect, content editors should clear their browser caches, effectively allowing CKEditor to rebuild its assets. Site-specific CKEditor settings will not be adversely affected by this fix.


Complete instructions and download links for updating a UT Drupal Kit site are available on the documentation wiki. Pantheon site dashboards that use the UT Drupal Kit distribution should see the upstream updates available now; see the Pantheon documentation for more information on applying upstream updates.

Please review the release notes thoroughly, and always make backups of your code, files, and database before proceeding with an update!

By Paul Grotevant

Paul Grotevant is the Senior IT Manager of Web Content Management Solutions for Information Technology Services at the University of Texas at Austin.

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