UT Drupal Kit

UT Drupal Kit 2.34 Release

ITS is happy to announce the immediate availability of UT Drupal Kit 2.34.0, the latest maintenance release for our University distribution of the Drupal web content management system. This release includes an update to a contrib module. There are no other changes in this release.

Contributed module update

The following contributed module was updated in this release.

  • link: from 7.x-1.9 to 7.x-1.11

How to update the UT Drupal Kit

Complete instructions and download links for updating a UT Drupal Kit site are available on the documentation wiki. Pantheon site dashboards that use the UT Drupal Kit distribution should see the upstream updates available now; see the Pantheon documentation for more information on applying upstream updates.

Please review the changelog thoroughly, and always make backups of your code, files, and database before proceeding with an update!

Drupal 7 end of life is approaching

The 2.x branch of the UT Drupal Kit is based on Drupal 7, which  was first released in January 2011, and is scheduled to reach its official “end of life” in November 2023. All sites using Drupal 7 should be moved to a newer, supported CMS platform by that date. For more information on this transition, please see Update on Drupal 7 end-of-life and the UT Drupal Kit (March 2022).

ITS has already released version 3 of the UT Drupal Kit, which is based on Drupal 9. However, there is no direct upgrade path from Drupal 7 to a newer version of Drupal. Instead, these sites must be completely rebuilt, and then content can be imported from the old site to the new using software migration tools.

To discuss options for migrating a UT Drupal Kit 2 site to a newer, supported platform, please email

Next releases

The 2.x (Drupal 7) branch of the UT Drupal Kit is updated on a bi-monthly maintenance release schedule, with releases targeted for the second Tuesday of even-numbered months. The next planned release is UT Drupal Kit 7.x-2.35, due in August 2022. Please see Release Schedule for UT Drupal Kit for more details.

If you have questions or concerns about the UT Drupal Kit, please feel free to email us at