UT Drupal Kit

UT Drupal Kit 3.11.0/3.11.1 Release

NOTE: Due to a regression introduced in the 3.11.0 release, the 3.11.1 bugfix release was created prior to the 3.11.0 release announcement.

This serves as the release announcement for both 3.11.0 and 3.11.1. For details about the 3.11.1 bugfix, please see the release notes.

UT Drupal Kit 3.11.0 is a bi-monthly maintenance release for the University of Texas at Austin’s custom distribution of the Drupal web content management system.

In addition to the usual mix of bugfixes and visual improvements, there are several notable changes in this release including the update to PHP 8 as the default version of PHP for sites hosted on Pantheon, the update to CKEditor 5, and the addition of an Instagram feed component.

This release also continues to pave the way for the planned update to Drupal 10 in the next scheduled maintenance release. Please see below for a special note about base themes and an action item for site owners using a custom theme that is NOT a subtheme of Forty Acres.

Callouts for the most impactful changes follow below. For full details of all issues included in this release, please refer to the changelog on the release notes, which links to the corresponding GitHub issues.

UT Drupal Kit

Changes in CKEditor 5

The UT Drupal Kit 3.11 release introduces a completely new version of the rich text editor bundled with Drupal, CKEditor.

CKEditor 5 is a complete rewrite from version 4, redesigned from scratch for a more usable and modern editing experience, as well as a more robust and customizable technical architecture. An overview of the changes in CKEditor 5 is available from the CKEditor help center.

This change should be completely transparent to the end users visiting sites powered by the UT Drupal Kit. For content editors, there are a few changes to both the appearance and functionality of the editor in CKEditor 5 that should be easy to navigate.