Spring 2015 Registration Announcements

Spring registration will happen between October 27 – November 7!  You can be prepared by checking your degree progress, knowing your registraiton times, and requesting Temporary Prerequisite Waivers if needed.

Spring 2015 Registration Dates:

  • October 27 – November 7: Students will begin registering throughout this two-week period based on their progress towards degree completion.  You will have another chance to adjust your schedule in January.
  • Add/Drop: Tuition will be due by 5:00pm on Thursday, January 8th.  Registration will re-open again on Thursday, January 15th and classes will begin on Tuesday, January 20th.

Be Prepared!

1. Check Your Interactive Degree Audit:

 You can check your progress towards your degree using the Interactive Degree Audit. When re-running an existing audit or requesting a new one, you also have the option to have the audit count ‘future registered courses’.  This way you can make sure the classes you register for are keeping you on track!

2. Check the Course Schedule & Your Registration Information Sheet (RIS):

3. Request Temporary Prerequisite Waivers:

If you need to register for an ECO class but you don’t have the prerequisite coursework posted to your record yet, you will need a Temporary Prerequisite Waiver submitted before you register for your ECO course(s). 

4. Still Want Some Guidance?

  • Registration advising is OPTIONAL for Economics majors, but appointments will be available from Monday 10/16 through Thursday 11/6.  Please call us at 512-471-2973 or stop by BRB to schedule your appointment.
  • Our front desk staff can also assist you with many of your registration questions.  Check out the Registration FAQ page too.

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Welcome Back!!

Welcome Back!! ADD/DROP starts Mon 8/25! No need to be confused about registration. Be ahead of the game and see below for answers to the most common questions! For more awesome reminders and announcements, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Walk-in Advising ONLY from Mon 8/25 – Fri 9/12:

  • For registration help or to discuss your fall schedule, come by during office hours (Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm, closed 12-1pm for lunch).
  • Due to high traffic, we may not answer every phone call during this time. It is best to come by in person, but we WILL return voicemails by the end of the day or the following morning.

Registration Timeline:

  • Mon 8/25 – Tues 9/2: Add and drop classes and waitlists online through Tues 9/2. Check your RIS page for your access times!
  • Wed 9/3 – Fri 9/12: Continue to drop yourself from classes online through Fri 9/12. You must sign up on the paper waitlist to potentially add ECO courses. Classes can only be added through that department’s advising office at this point and may not be allowed.

Paper Waitlist Available Wednesday 9/3 at 8:00am for Select ECO courses:

  • We will have a first-come first-served paper waitlist available on Wednesday 9/3 at 8:00am for certain ECO classes. Students often get here earlier to get in line.
  • We do NOT copy you down from the online list to the paper list, so you must come get on the list!
  • We will check course enrollment each day and you will be notified if a seat opens up and you are next on the list!
  • A list will be available for all ECO courses EXCEPT: ECO 420K with Dr. Thomas (Dr. Trejo will allow late adds from the paper list, and Dr. Oettinger MAY consider late adds if you have been attending his lecture), ECO 333K Development Econ, ECO 341K with Dr. Kline, ECO 350K Applied IO and Network Econ, ECO 354K Game Theory, ECO 359M Env & Nat Resource Econ, and ECO 363C Computational Econ

Prereq Proof Needed by Wednesday 8/27:

If we gave you a temporary waiver to be able to register for a class, please read the following to avoid being dropped.

  • Send transcripts to UT Admissions as soon as possible.
  • If you haven’t sent a transcript yet, please ALSO plan to bring documentation to our office like a copy of transcript, printed grade report, etc by 4:30pm on Wednesday 8/27 so we can confirm you’ve completed the prerequisites.

December Grads:

  • Once you have your fall schedule finalized, run a fresh Interactive Degree Audit BEFORE Friday 9/12 to confirm you will meet all degree requirements.

-The Econ Advising Staff
BRB 1.114, 512-471-2973

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