Graduating Seniors,

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!


Academic regalia (cap and gown) are required for all ceremonies (except the ROTC Joint Commissioning), and may be purchased from the University Co-op. Tassels and stoles for all programs in the College of Liberal Arts are white. The deadline to order regalia is the May 13, 2016. 

See below for Commencement related details for the various ceremonies and celebrations. Please read carefully the section about the Economics Department Commencement! It contains important information/instructions.


Saturday, May 21, 2016, at 8 p.m. on the Main Mall.

Students must have tickets for the university-wide ceremony. Seating for guests at the university-wide ceremony begins at 5 p.m. and is first-come, first-seated. Guests do not need tickets for this ceremony.

At the university-wide ceremony, students graduate by college or school; individual names and majors are not announced.

For more information on tickets, parking, and other ceremony details, please go to 


For Liberal Arts majors that do not have an individual ceremony. Economics majors do not usually attend this ceremony unless they are double-majoring in one of those departments. See details here:


Economics Department Reception—  for all graduates, friends, and family in BRB immediately following the Economics ceremony.  Enjoy light refreshments and visit with your professors and advisors! The advisors are putting together a slideshow to be displayed during the reception. We would love to include some pics of you during your time at UT!  Please send family-friendly photos to by Thursday, May 19th.

Lavender Graduation– a special ceremony that honors the achievements of graduating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and ally students on campus. See details at

The Great Texas Exit— Graduates and their families and friends are invited to kickoff commencement weekend at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center. Stop by before the Main Mall event for a casual Texas-sized celebration with free beer and champagne!


Saturday, May 21, 2015 at 9 a.m. at Gregory Gym. 

No tickets needed for students or guests. Seating for guests begins at 8:30 a.m. first-come, first-seated. Graduate candidates should arrive at the ground floor Speedway entrance to Gregory Gym at 8:00 am on Saturday morning to check in.  (Students may not enter before 8 am.)

Remember to wear or bring your regalia, including your white tassel and stole.  It is a good idea to unwrap and hang up your regalia beforehand to remove the fold creases.

Do not bring any valuable personal belongings, purses, backpacks to the ceremony.  We do not have any secure space for storage in Gregory Gym.

If you have any mobility impairments, please let Katie Foster  know as soon as possible so that she may provide additional information as needed.

During the Economics Department ceremony, students will walk across the stage and have their name and major(s) announced. If you are concerned about having your name pronounced correctly at the ceremony, please come to the Economics Advising Office during walk-in hours (Mon-Fri 10 am to noon and 1-3 pm) no later than Thursday, May 19th.

For additional information about parking, guest seating, regalia, and other details, see this website:


ArrivE at the ground floor Speedway entrance to Gregory Gym at 8:00 am on Saturday morning.  Wear or bring your regalia! Leave valuables at home or with your guests– there will be no secure place to store them during the ceremony. Upon arrival you will be directed to the Gregory Gym Annex to check in.

Go to the check-in table to obtain a name card.  Name cards will be read by an announcer when you cross the stage.  You will have an opportunity to add a phonetic spelling of your name if you wish.

Fill out a Flash Photography card. A professional photographer will take two photos of you during the ceremony. Fill out the card so that free color proofs can be mailed to you. Please fill out a card whether you want the photos or not!

Keep both cards with you! You will need them for the ceremony (see details below).

Remain in the Annex until it is time to line up and enter the arena.


Please help us make a great commencement experience for you and your guests by

paying attention and following the cues you are given by commencement staff and volunteers!  They will tell you when and where to: line up, sit, stand, get on stage, return to your seat, and exit the arena during the ceremony.

Your tassel should be hanging to your right side of your face at the beginning of the ceremony.

When it’s time to enter the arena, graduates will line up in two SINGLE FILE parallel lines.  There is no specified order; you may line up with your friends.  Each line will be led by a “Marshall” into the arena and seated in rows. Please be patient as you wait to be seated.

On Stage

When you get up to approach the stage, take your name card and your photo card with you. Everything else can be left in your seat; you will return to your original seat after crossing the stage.

Before going on stage you will hand in your photo card and a photographer will take your “greenscreen” photo.

When you enter the stage, hand your name card to the announcer at the side podium and proceed to the center podium.

At the center podium you will shake hands (with your right hand) while receiving a “scroll” (in your left hand), and pause for a photo. The “scroll” is simply a letter of congratulations; you will receive your actual diploma by mail later on. Continue in the same direction to exit the stage.

After exiting the stage, enter your original seating row from the end nearest the stage exit, and proceed to your original seat (crossing the aisle if necessary).


After the Eyes of Texas, the faculty will exit the stage first.  The graduates will be directed to follow the faculty (one row at a time starting with the row closest to the stage) into the center aisle and out of the arena.  Please stay with the procession until you are released by the staff.


You and your guests are invited to the Economics Commencement Reception outside BRB after the ceremony!

The Department of Economics would like to share your favorite university experience photos at the reception.  Please send your family friendly photos to


We hope you and your guests enjoy Commencement and the Reception.

Coming Soon: Summer and Fall 2016 Registration!

Get ready: Summer and fall registration is Monday, April 18 – April 29, 2016!

This information should answer most of your questions about registration, so please read through it to avoid last-minute stress.

Registration advising is NOT required for economics majors.

If you would like to talk to an advisor about your summer and fall schedule, you can call us at 512-471-2973 to set up a registration advising appointment.  Call now if you want an appointment, we do fill up! Or use our handy guide below to self-advise!

Registration advising appointments are limited to 20 minutes and will cover summer/fall registration only. Please come prepared with a list of your questions. Students who show up more than 5 minutes late will be asked to reschedule.

Here’s how you can prepare yourself for registration:

  1. Check your Registration Information Sheet (RIS) to find out your registration times and see if you have any registration bars:
  1. Review your Degree Audit to see which degree requirements you still need to meet. Go to:

Click the “Access IDA Now” button. Then click on “Audit Results” on the left-hand side—there should already be a recent audit there you to review.

  1. Look at your degree
  1. Look at the Course Schedule to explore class options:

The Economics Department strictly enforces pre-requisites for economics courses.  Please be sure to check pre-requisites by clicking on the unique number (blue 5-digit # on course schedule). **

The Course Schedule has a new feature! You can search courses by Core Curriculum requirements! Use the “Core Curriculum” drop-down box (below the “Field of Study” drop down box)

  1. Review Registration FAQs for more information about registration procedures

Helpful Tips!

  1. Online waitlists for economics courses will be activated by 8:30am on the LAST day of registration, April 29, 2016
  1. If you are taking a prerequisite course (such as calculus) outside UT this summer– you must show completion of the course before you can register in the ECO course for which the prerequisite is required.

For example, you can’t register for ECO 420K until you show completion of calculus. The coursework must be posted to your UT record or documentation (such as a grade report) can be submitted to the Economics Advising Office in-person in BRB 1.114 or via email to FYI—we will release a few extra 420K seats in the August add/drop period.

  1. Graduating Seniors: If you experience registration issues with economics courses please stop by our office as soon as possible!
  1. Check out our advising blog for helpful registration-related handouts and updates:

See our Upper Division ECO Electives list. Our Upper Division General Electives list and Upper Division Writing Flags will be posted there soon!

  1. Still need a lower division writing flag? Check out E314J Literature and Economics

Description: Literature and Economics are not as unrelated as we like to think. Adam Smith, for instance, taught a literary criticism course before he theorized about capitalism in the Wealth of Nations. This course will explore the ways in which writers from different epochs confronted economic issues in a variety of literary works, and along the way students will practice the art of reading and writing in a critical manner.

Plan Ahead!

  1. 1. Long-term planning appointments will start again in May.
  1. ECO 354K Game Theory will NOT be offered in spring 2017.
  1. ECO 420K Micro-theory will require ECO 329 with a grade of at least C as a prerequisite starting in spring 2017.