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It’s about that time for a fresh new semester!  Here’s a list of dates, announcements, and links to help you with registration.

Monday, January 12th- Registration opens back up for students who are already registered for classes.  Check your Registration Information Sheet (RIS) for your exact registration times.

Tuesday, January 20th- First class day!

Friday, January 23rd- Fourth class day. Last day to add yourself to a course or waitlist online (until 5:00pm).  See our Registration FAQ page for more information about Economics waitlists.

Monday, January 26th- Paper waitlist day!

  • Online waitlists are no longer active. Internal paper waitlist for select Economics courses becomes available in the advising office and is the ONLY way to add an Economics course at this point. This is a fresh list that is first come first served. We will open at 8:00am! Adding courses must be done in the department offering the course and may not be allowed depending on department policy.

Wednesday, February 4th- Twelfth class day. Last day to drop a course online or possibly add a course in the department offering the course. Registration officially closes at 5:00pm.  Drops after this will be considered a Q drop.

Monday, April 6th –  Last day to Q drop (forms must be picked up by 5:00pm) and change a class to or from pass/fail.  Must be done through the Liberal Arts Dean’s Office in GEB 2.200.

  • Waitlist Tips: Avoid getting stuck on an electronic waitlist by making sure the waitlisted course(s) will fit into your schedule.  Time conflicts with other classes and going over maximum hours (17 hrs) will prevent the course from being added!  Read all about waitlists here.
  • Call our office to schedule an appointment through Friday, January 16th. Advisors will be seeing students on a walk-in basis during the first 12 class days.

Registration Information Sheet
Spring 2015 Course Schedule
Interactive Degree Audit
Registration FAQ

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Spring 2015 Registration Announcements

Spring registration will happen between October 27 – November 7!  You can be prepared by checking your degree progress, knowing your registraiton times, and requesting Temporary Prerequisite Waivers if needed.

Spring 2015 Registration Dates:

  • October 27 – November 7: Students will begin registering throughout this two-week period based on their progress towards degree completion.  You will have another chance to adjust your schedule in January.
  • Add/Drop: Tuition will be due by 5:00pm on Thursday, January 8th.  Registration will re-open again on Thursday, January 15th and classes will begin on Tuesday, January 20th.

Be Prepared!

1. Check Your Interactive Degree Audit:

 You can check your progress towards your degree using the Interactive Degree Audit. When re-running an existing audit or requesting a new one, you also have the option to have the audit count ‘future registered courses’.  This way you can make sure the classes you register for are keeping you on track!

2. Check the Course Schedule & Your Registration Information Sheet (RIS):

3. Request Temporary Prerequisite Waivers:

If you need to register for an ECO class but you don’t have the prerequisite coursework posted to your record yet, you will need a Temporary Prerequisite Waiver submitted before you register for your ECO course(s). 

4. Still Want Some Guidance?

  • Registration advising is OPTIONAL for Economics majors, but appointments will be available from Monday 10/16 through Thursday 11/6.  Please call us at 512-471-2973 or stop by BRB to schedule your appointment.
  • Our front desk staff can also assist you with many of your registration questions.  Check out the Registration FAQ page too.

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