Summer and Fall 2019 Registration is Coming

Summer & Fall 2019 Registration is from April 22 – May 3


Hello Economics Majors!


YOUR REGISTRATION TIME will be somewhere between April 22-May 2. Check your specific ACCESS TIMES and REGISTRATION BARS on your Registration Information Sheet.


Registration advising is NOT required for Economics majors (unless below 2.0 GPA or new to the major).


Optional registration advising is available now!  To schedule an appointment, book online or call (512-471-2973), or come for a walk-in (see walk-in schedule here). Registration advising sessions are quick 20-minute meetings to go over your summer/fall schedule only. Come prepared with your questions! Long-term planning advising will resume in May.


The Econ Help Desk staff can help you with registration issues and quick questions (BRB 1.114, 512-471-2973). Call or come by with your questions!




  1. Check your Registration Information Sheet (RIS) to find out your registration times and see if you have any registration bars.
  2. Review your Degree Audit to see which degree requirements you still need to meet.
    • Click the “Access IDA Now” button. Then click on “Audit Results” on the left-hand side—there should already be a recent audit there for you to review. You can rerun audits as needed.
  3. Look at your degree plan to review degree requirements (you must select your catalog)
    • Find the 2019-2020 University and Liberal Arts Core Course List here.
  4. Review the Course Schedule to explore class options.
  5. Check credit-by-exam you can claim (click on “View Scores Claim Credit” from right-hand menu).
  6. Research classes and make a schedule. The following resources and tools may be helpful:
  1. AVOID GETTING DROPPED FROM YOUR CLASSES! Your registration is not complete until you have go to My Tuition Billand make arrangements to have your tuition bill paid or confirmed your attendance (even if your fee bill is $0). If you neglect to do this, you will be dropped from all of your classes! Go here (summer) or here (fall) to make sure you know when and what to do, to complete registration and keep your classes.


Important Stuff to Know!


  1. Economics course prerequisites are strictly enforced. Proof of completed credit is required before you can register in (most) ECO courses. If you have trouble getting your credit posted, be sure to contact the Econ Help Desk (BRB 1.114) for guidance before the first class day. If you register in an ECO course and then do not meet the stated prerequisites by the time classes start, you will be dropped.


  1. ECO Online and Paper Waitlists Info: The ECO online waitlists will be turned on as soon as a class fills up. If a class is listed as “closed” on the course schedule that usually means the online waitlist is full. You cannot get permission from the instructor to add a closed or waitlisted ECO class. We will start a paper waitlist (for ECO courses only) in the Economics Advising Office at 8:30 am on the 5th class day in Fall semester (3rd class day in Summer). You must come in-person to get on the paper waitlist.


  1. If you have trouble/questions-about adding a class in another department, you must contact the offering department. Find department phone numbers here.


  1. Priority for Graduating Seniors: If you are graduating in summer or fall 19 and are unable to register for an ECO class you need to graduate—come to walk-in advising as soon as possible! The sooner you come in, the better the chances we can help you. Please note, if you have other options for satisfying your requirement, we will refer you to the online/paper waitlist for the preferred course.


  1. No more than 3 ECO courses allowed in a single semester (strictly enforced).


  1. Concurrent Enrollment in ECO 420K Microeconomics Theory and ECO 441K Econometrics requires advisor approval. This is a challenging load, we recommend that you do not do this unless necessary for on-time graduation. To be eligible you must have credit (with a grade of at least C minus), be currently taking, or be registered for fall 19 in ECO 420K. For approval, come in-person to the Econ Help Desk (BRB 1.114).


  1. If you intend to take ECO 420K, ECO 441K, and another ECO course— you will need an override, because this combination of courses equals 11 credit hours and the system will only let you register for 10 credit hours of ECO. In this situation, please register yourself in two of the ECO courses and go to the Economics Advising Office during your registration access time for assistance adding the third course (the course must have an open seat! We will not add you to a full class). Please note, the registration system may not let you register for any other courses (in any subject) once we add you to the third ECO class.


  1. Want to get an internship or job next year? Get prepared for the job search by taking LA 101M Liberal Arts to Career in fall 19, or LA 101M Economics to Career in spring 20.


  1. The following courses no longer count as subs for ECO 329 toward the major (if taken in spring 18 or later): SDS 321, M 358K, EE 351K, PGE 337.


Plan Ahead!


  1. If you plan to pursue the Business Economics Option Program (BEOP) but are not yet eligible to apply, you can still possibly take ACC 311, and then ACC 312, by submitting an Enrollment Control Petition through McCombs.


  1. The following courses are no longer offered in summers:  ECO 420K and ECO 341K/441K.


  1. We will begin scheduling long-term planning appointments again May 6th.




Good luck with registration from the Economics Advising Team!

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