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Obama and Romney Avoid Affirmative Action in the Presidential Election

Victor Saenz - Elections TalkIn this video, Victor Sáenz, assistant professor of educational administration, discusses how race and education have been treated by the presidential candidates and why race in particular has been missing from the debate.



Health Care Politics: Vouchers, Block Grants, Medicare and Medicaid

Cossy Hough - Elections TalkCossy Hough, of the School of Social Work, talks to Jim Henson about the presidential candidates’ different approaches to health care plans.



What the candidates’ words say about their personalities

Jamie Pennebaker - Elections TalkIn this video, “Wordwatcher” Jamie Pennebaker tells us what the candidates’ speech patterns in the debates tell us about their personalities and how they differ from past presidents.



Social Media and the Economy: A Presidential Debate Analysis

Sherri Greenberg - Elections TalkIn this video, LBJ School Professor Sherri Greenberg covers the social media reaction to Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” comment, President Obama’s reaction to accusations surrounding the state department deaths in Libya, and the overall debate surrounding the economy.



Could Israel and foreign policy swing the election?

Alan Kuperman - Elections TalkIn this video, LBJ School Professor Alan Kuperman discusses how voters weigh foreign policy issues in the coming election.




Politics in the Pews: The role of black churches in the 2012 election

Eric McDaniel - Elections TalkIn this conversation, Associate Professor of Government, Eric McDaniel, discusses how religious institutions become involved in politics and how they will influence black political behavior this election season.



Medicare and Tax Plans: A Presidential Debate Analysis

Sherri Greenberg - Elections TalkIn this video, Former Texas State Representative and director of the Center for Politics and Governance Sherri Greenberg offers her analysis of the most pressing issues uncovered in the first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.



Hispanic voters in 2012 and beyond

Dean Luis Zayas - Elections TalkIn this video, Luis Zayas, dean of the School of Social Work, discusses the importance of Hispanic voters in current and future elections.



Do business ethics scandals affect political campaigns?

In this conversation, McCombs School of Business Professor Robert Prentice discusses the impact of business ethics scandals on presidential election strategy. Learn more about our faculty experts: Robert Prentice is a lawyer with a focus on corporate governance, regulatory oversight…


Anxiety in political advertising

In this conversation with Jim Henson, Assistant Professor Bethany Albertson discusses how political candidates use advertising to incite a range of emotions in voters and what voters can expect heading into the general election. Learn more about our faculty experts:…


The voting trends of women

Visiting scholar Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto discusses the voting trends of women and how women are mobilizing around specific issues for this year’s election season.



On religion and politics

In this election series conversation with Jim Henson, Professor Tom Tweed discusses religion, its role in politics and its impact on this year’s election season.



Marketing emotion and micro-targeting through political ads

In this video, Dr. DeFrancesco Soto discusses the similarities between consumer marketing and political marketing, as well as how political ad campaigns might use micro-targeting to reach specific demographics.



Can Romney reach the real South?

In this conversation with Jim Henson, Professor Paul Stekler, nationally recognized documentary filmmaker, discusses the results of Super Tuesday.



Poll shows Rick Santorum is favored in Texas

In this video James Henson, director of the Texas Politics Project, talks about what the results of the February 2012 University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll says about the Republican primary in Texas.



Surprises in the election campaign cycle so far

In this conversation, government Professor Bruce Buchanan discusses what’s unusual about the Republican primaries, the power of negative advertising to change voter turnout and how the health of the national economy affects Obama’s chances at re-election.



Independent voter myths, super PACs and more

In this video, Government Professor Daron Shaw  talks about the trouble with super PACs, Independent swing voters and predictions on the 2012 presidential and Senate elections.



The pros and cons of Ron Paul

In this video, professor Sherri Greenberg discusses the pros and cons of Ron Paul as an electable candidate for the Republican presidential primaries. She also delves into the unique political relationship between Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul, also an elected Republican.



Hispanic voters affect GOP strategy

In this conversation with Jim Henson, Department of Government professor Jason Casellas discusses the impact of Hispanic voters as a growing force on presidential election strategy.



Negative ads and political outcomes

In this video, Professor Paul Stekler offers his analysis of political campaign advertisements, focusing on the Republican primaries.



The rallying cry of Newt Gingrich

In this video conversation, Department of Government faculty member Sean Theriault discusses the rise of Newt Gingrich as a viable presidential candidate for the Republican Party.



Forecasting the Republican presidential primaries

The author of “Liberty’s Surest Guardian: American Nation-Building from the Founders to Obama,” Professor Jeremi Suri looks to America’s history to see both what it has to offer to failed states around the world and what the nation should avoid.



Bias in our media choices

In this video, Dr. Natalie (Talia) Jomini Stroud  discusses how our political behaviors and attitudes affect our media use. Stroud is an assistant professor of communication studies in The University of Texas at Austin’s College of Communication and assistant director…

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