dle-commencement-fall2016Deana Erdner, Associate Professor





Royoung Park, Visiting M.S. student from Hanyang University, South Korea, Sept. 2018 – pres.
is studying the interactions between algae and their associated bacteria



Lun Wang, Ph.D. student Sept. 2018-pres.
will be studying the diversity and function of epiphyte communities that include the toxic dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus




Yida Gao, Ph.D. student Sept. 2014-pres.
has worked on the population genetic dynamics of Alexandrium tamarense blooms and plans to study cell death in Karenia brevis



Elizabeth Murphy, Research Assistant 2018-pres., is working to re-establish our Gambierdiscus culture collection and develop methods for examining their diversity in the field




SeverinTatiana Severin, Postdoctoral Scientist 2015-2017.
studies how algae and their associated bacteria respond to crude oil and dispersant exposure. Currently a postdoc at Michigan State University.



SassenhagenIngrid Sassenhagen, Postdoctoral Scientist  2015-2017
studies the genetic diversity and connectivity of Gambierdiscus dinoflagellates in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Gulf of Mexico. Currently a postdoc at the Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale (Wimereux, France)



Lozano-DuqueYesid Lozano-Duque, M.S. August 2016.
Thesis: Development and validation of a PCR-RFLP assay for identification of Gambierdiscus species in the Greater Caribbean Region



BacosaHernando Bacosa, Postdoctoral Scientist Apr 2013-June 2015
currently at  KEDICA Phillippines Corporation




ChoiChang Jae Choi, Postdoctoral Scientist Sept 2011-Sept 2013
currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute



LashawayAubrey Lashaway, M.S. August 2013
Thesis: Water Quality and Eukaryotic Plankton Dynamics in the Mission-Aransas Estuary, Texas from 2011-2012
currently Outreach and Communications Specialist at the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research



BrosnahanMike Brosnahan, Postdoctoral Scientist  Feb. 2011-Jan 2012
currently a Research Scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution



Jauzein2Cecile Jauzein, Postdoctoral Scientist  Jan 2010-July 2011
currently at IFREMER, Laboratoire d’Ecologie Pelagique, Brest FRANCE




AgostoniMarco Agostoni, M.S. May 2010
Thesis: Genetic analysis of nitrogen assimilation in the Texas brown tide Aureoumbra lagunensis
currently a Postdoctoral Associate at the University of California Berkeley


EvansAndy Evans, Postdoctoral Scientist  Sept 2008-Dec. 2009
currently in the MBA program at Rutgers University




SmithChrista Smith, M.S. May 2009
Thesis: Nitrogen nutrition of Alexandrium tamarense: using δ15N to track nitrogen source used for growth
currently a Research Professional II at University of Georgia




Adriana Guzman Dominguez NSF REU, Summer 2017
Charles Davis                         NSF REU, Summer 2017
Lauren Constant                    Independent Study, Spring 2017
Patricia Rodriguez Matos       NSF REU, Summer 2016
Julia Plotkin                            Independent Study, Spring 2016
Paul Castro                            NSF REU, Summer 2014
Atsushi Sato                          Visiting Student, Oct. 2013- Feb. 2014
Donald Flynn                          Independent Study, Spring 2014
Emily Pinckney                       NSF REU, Summer 2013
Sara Cathey                           Independent Study, Summer 2013
Armando Estrada                   Independent Study, Spring 2013
Joshua Manning                     NSF REU, Summer 2012
Brittany Jensen                      Independent Study, Summer 2012 & Spring 2013
Angela Lieb                            Independent Study, Summer 2011
Julie DeLaGarza                     Independent Study, Summer 2011
Laura Ortiz-Malavé                 NSF REU Summer 2010; Independent Study, Summer 2011
Joseph Boudreau                  Independent Study, Summer 2010
Rachel Hartnett                      NSF REU, Summer 2009, Honor’s Thesis AY 2010-2011
Rogers Brown III                    NSF REU, Summer 2009
Elizabeth Gilmer                     Independent Study, Summer 2009
Nicole Butler                          Independent study, Summer 2008
Gena Esposito                       Independent Study, Summer 2008
Christian Andresen                 NSF REU, Summer 2007
Colt Cook                               Independent Study, Summer 2006