Your Office

The HealthPoint Occupational Health Program (OHP) offers online training and self-assessment for ergonomics in office settings. This training teaches the basics of setting up an ergonomic work station (desk, computer, chair, or a standing work station). It also includes mobile devices and tablets.

If you are interested in completing the training and self-assessment, please complete this brief questionnaire. Upon completion, OHP will send you a link to the online training.

Here are some additional links with information on how to properly set up your workstation and tips for the best posture.

  • The Occupational Health Program has a tool¬†with an ergonomic self-assessment and tips for correcting posture problems and setting up a computer workstation.
  • For in-depth information on ergonomics and checklists, please visit OSHA.
  • Organizing Your Office for Maximum Efficiency is offered on, an online learning platform available to UT Austin faculty and staff.