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Congratulations to Ethnolab Fellows Maricarmen Hernández, Samuel Law & Javier Auyero on their recent paper in Qualitative Sociology!

The paper is titled, “How Do the Urban Poor Survive? A Comparative Ethnography of Subsistence Strategies in Argentina, Ecuador, and Mexico”.

They state, “Drawing on ethnographic data collected in three informal communities, one in Argentina, one in México, and one in Ecuador, we address the long-standing question posed by Larissa Lomnitz’s and Carol Stack’s now-classic studies of how impoverished people not only survive but what strategies they adopt in an attempt to build a dignified life. “

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UEL Affiliates Conduct Teach-In on the Texas Abortion Law

This event takes place on Monday, September 13, 3-4pm, over zoom.  All UT-Austin students, faculty, and staff are invited to attend. Don’t miss it!


Professor Kari White

Ph.D. candidate Kathleen Broussard

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Professor Jennifer Glass


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Professor Christine Williams

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