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Funding and Pricing

We work hard to keep costs low for our partner schools. A new partner school invests $5,500 in the first year for curriculum licensing, professional development, and induction support for their teacher. Annual costs decrease in subsequent years even as our exceptional teacher support continues.

Other Cost Considerations:

  • Equipment: Costs for equipment and supplies in the first year are variable depending on the number of students and sections expected (e.g., initial equipment cost for one section of 24 students is $4,000). Consumables in subsequent years are $10 – $20 per student. Request a quote for your expected number of students and sections.
  • Travel: Schools should also consider travel and housing costs for sending their teacher to Austin, TX for the two-week summer professional development.
  • Discounts: We offer discounts to districts implementing Engineer Your World across multiple campuses. Click here to request a quote for your campus or district. Discounts will also be offered to participating schools upon contract renewal in year 4 (*projected costs shown above). 

**Professional development and support fees listed assume that there are no changes or additions to the Engineer Your World teaching staff at the campus.

Funding Opportunities

The University of Texas System and the AT&T Foundation have generously provided funding to offset startup costs for some of our new partner schools joining in 2017-18.

  • The first 50 Texas schools that enroll and return all required agreements for 2017-2018 implementation will receive up to $8000 in support to offset startup costs related to equipment, supplies and teacher training from The University of Texas System.
  • Thirteen schools will receive up to $9000 in support to offset startup costs related to equipment, supplies and teacher training from the AT&T Foundation. This funding is intended for schools that serve high percentages of students from populations that are traditionally underrepresented in engineering.
  • Schools outside of Texas are eligible to participate in a lottery to receive a class set of equipment and materials from the Engineer Your World program (valued between $2,500 and $6,000). Schools that submit their campus enrollment form after December 1, 2016 are not guaranteed a place in the lottery.

Contracts and Agreements

If your high school is accepted into the Engineer Your World network, your school district will be required to execute a standard contract (e.g. for Texas schools), licensing agreement, and Research and Data Sharing Agreement for an initial three year term with the Engineer Your World program and/or The University of Texas at Austin.

Enroll Now

If your campus is ready to join now, please have a school administrator complete the online campus enrollment form.

When completing the campus enrollment form, you will need information about your campus, the teacher you’ve selected, the state course code you plan to use and your anticipated student enrollment. 

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