Lab Photos

Guy presents.

2019: Guy presents his work at the McKetta ChE Undergraduate Research Poster Session.



2018:  Semi-annual emergency building evacuation – not our fault!



2018: Lab lunch to greet Alex, visiting from Alberta



2018: Valerie May earns her MS in Pharmacy, Analytical Chemistry for Drugs and Natural Products – Way to go!


Sean with GCURS Award

2018:  Sean Patel with award for Outstanding Presentation in Medicinal Chemistry from the Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium – Kudos!

2017 ‘Farewell’ lunch for Chris!  (L to R): Alesha Stewart (Alumna!), Chris Schardon, Ada Schardon, Rachael Schardon, Jake LeVieux (Whitman Lab); Pamela Horton, Alfred Tuley, Sean Patel, Pei Thomas, Emily Lancaster (Whitman Lab); (@ Torchy’s)


2017 ‘Farewell’ lunch for Alesha!  (L to R): Alfred Tuley’s arm (sorry about the cropping!), Chris Schardon, Jake LeVieux (Whitman Lab); Alesha Stewart, Sean Patel, Bert-Jan Baas (Whitman Lab); Marieke Baas (Whitman Lab); Everett Stone (Alumnus!); Emily Lancaster’s Arm (Whitman Lab, again, sorry about the cropping!); (@ Madam Mam’s)

All Dressed Up

2017  All Dressed Up.  (L to R): Walt Fast, Alesha Stewart


Jake by Jeremiah

2017 ‘Farewell’ lunch for Jake!  (L to R): Alfred Tuley, Walt Fast, Sean Patel, Jake Swartzel, Alesha Stewart, Chris Schardon, Pei Thomas; Mural: ‘Jeremiah the Innocent’



2017 Enzyme Mechanisms Conference (L to R): Walt Fast (PI), Ken Clevenger (alum), Alesha Stewart (grad student, great poster!)



Lab Selfie Circa 2016 (L to R): Timothy Bediako (work study), Chris Schardon (grad student), Alfred Tuley (Postdoc), Sean Rowden (Pharmobility Student), Alesha Stewart (grad student), Jake Swartzel (undergrad), Haley Kenefick (undergrad), Pei Thomas (research scientist)


Lab Members Circa 2014

Lab Members Circa 2014 (L to R): Ken Clevenger, Alesha Stewart, Walt Fast, Gayle Burstein, Chris Schardon, Joyce Er


Lab Members Circa 2011

Lab Members Circa 2011 (L to R): Walt Fast, Yun Wang (nice hat!), Gayle Burstein, Joyce Er, Corey Johnson, Qin “Lynn” Guo, Ken Clevenger, Pei Thomas, Tom Linsky, Dae-Wi Yoon


The more things change...

The more things change…  (P&T Files; L:2007; R:2015)


All Dressed Up

2010 All Dressed Up. (L to R): Walt Fast, Jessica Momb

From the lab window (2010). Who says it doesn't snow?

From the lab window (2010). Who says it doesn’t snow in Austin?

A circuitous method to visualize AiiA in 3D

A perversely circuitous method to visualize AiiA in 3D

Lab Members Circa 2008

Lab Members Circa 2008 (L to R): Yun Wang, Tera Schaller, Tom Linsky, Austin Smith, Walt Fast (w/ Lillian), Pei Thomas, Shougang Hu, Qin “Lynn” Guo, Jessica Momb, Deb Foulds (Honorary Member)


"Befores" and "Afters"

“Befores” and “Afters”



The old lab.

The old lab



Lab Members circa 2007

Lab Members Circa 2007 (L to R): Jessica Momb, Walt Fast, Pei Thomas, Tom Linsky, Yun Wang, Lin Hong


Lab members circa 2007

Lab members circa 2007 (L to R): Tom Linsky, Lin Hong, Pei Thomas, Everett Stone, Emily Wagner, Walt Fast, Jessica Momb

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