Current Lab Members

Walt multitasks.

Walt multitasks.







Walter Fast, PhD; PI; LinkedIn

When escaping his other duties, Walt is learning to run the ITC.


Nasa in person

Nasa Xue, Undergraduate Researcher; LinkedIn

Nasa studies inhibitors of enzymes responsible for confer antibiotic resistance.


Valerie pipetting

Valerie pipettes.

Valerie May, M.S.; Internship; LinkedIn

Valerie is optimizing several analytical techniques for the study of covalent inhibitors.


Sean wears an upgrade from his lab coat.

Sean upgrades his lab coat.

Sean Patel, Undergraduate Researcher

Sean is synthesizing novel covalent inhibitors for DDAH.


Alfred making something new

Alfred makes something new.

Alfred Tuley, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow; LinkedIn

Alfred is developing halopyridines as novel covalent protein modifiers for various therapeutic targets.


Pei looking authoritative

Pei attends a function.

Pei W Thomas, PhD, Research Scientist; LinkedIn

Dr. Thomas is currently working on metallo-beta-lactamases and quorum-quenching lactonases.




Past Lab Members




Stephan concocts some media.

Stephan concocts some media.

2018; Stephan Clayton, Grad Student.


Chris and the HPLC

Chris and the HPLC

2017; Christopher Schardon; Grad Student, Postdoc; Licensing Associate, OTD, UT Southwestern; LinkedIn


Alesha tests some compounds

Alesha tests some compounds.







2017; Alesha Stewart; Grad Student; Postdoctoral Fellow:  Association of Public Health Laboratories – CDC Antimicrobial Resistance Fellowship; LinkedIn


Jake preparing to chromatograph

Jake prepares to chromatograph.

2017; Jake Swartzel; Undergrad Student; Grad Student, Yale Chemistry; LinkedIn


Haley at the bench

Haley at the bench

2016; Haley Kenefik; Undergrad Student;


A busy Oscar

A busy Oscar

2015; Oscar E Villerreal; Undergrad Student; Beckman Scholar in the Gerogiou Lab.


Joyce at work.

Joyce at work

2015; Joyce Er, PhD; Grad Student; Kopa Real Estate; LinkedIn


Ken "fixes" the HPLC.

Ken “fixes” the HPLC.

2014; Ken D. Clevenger, PhD; Grad Student; Postdoc w/ Neil Kelleher at Northwestern Univ; Senior Scientist I, Oncology Discovery, Abbvie; LinkedIn


Gayle pipettes.

Gayle pipettes.

2014; Gayle Burstein-Teitelbaum, PhD; Grad Student; Technology Licensing Specialist at Univ TX, Austin; Associate, Licensing and Business Development at the Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA ; LinkedIn


2013; Kevin Hou, Undergrad Student; LinkedIn


I know, I know...Safety Glasses!

I know, I know…Safety Glasses!

2012; Corey M Johnson, PhD; Postdoc; Assistant Professor Samford Univ (Birmingham, AL); LinkedIn


Tom in Old Lab

A pensive Tom in the old lab

2012; Tom W Linsky, PhD; Grad Student; Postdoc w/ David Baker at Univ Washington; Senior Scientist, Pacific Biosciences, Menlo Park, CA;LinkedIn


2012; Hunter Sellers, Undergrad Student;


Yun takes a break.

Yun takes a break.

2010; Yun Wang, PhD; Grad Student; Postdoc w/ Phil Cole at Johns Hopkins; U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Reviewer; LinkedIn


uniformed crew

All in “uniform.”  Seth (right) pulls it off the best.

2010; Seth Hale; Undergrad Student; UT Southwestern Medical School


2010; Dae-Wi Yoon, PhD; Postdoc; LG Display


Lynn with a rotation student!

Lynn with a rotation student!

2010; Qin “Lynn” Guo, PhD; Postdoc; Research Fellow at Harvard; LinkedIn


Jeanette double checks her calculations.

Jeanette double checks her calculations.

2010; Jeanette DeJong, Undergrad Student;


Jessica does some light reading.

Jessica does some light reading.

2009; Jessica Momb, PhD; Grad Student; Postdoc w/ Dean Appling at Univ TX, Austin; Research Associate, University of Texas at Austin; LinkedIn


2009; Austin Smith; Undergrad Student; Medical School at UT Health Sci Ctr, San Antonio; LinkedIn


2009; Emily Bray; Undergrad Student;


Shougang in the new lab.

Shougang in the new lab

2008; Shougang Hu, PhD; Postdoc;


Lana in the old lab

Lana in the old lab

2007; Chunlan Chen, MS; Research Scientist; Chemist at AMRI (Albany, NY); LinkedIn


2007; Li Song, Undergrad Student;


Lin and Lana confer.

Lin and Lana confer.

2007; Lin Hong, PhD; Postdoc; Investigator, Novartis Genomics Institute, San Diego; LinkedIn


2007; Rhiannon Dodge; Undergrad Student; LinkedIn


2006; Paul Enemark, PharmD; Professional Student; Pharmacist;


2006; John Arellano, PharmD; Professional Student;


Micheleen's Note - Good Luck!

Micheleen’s Note – Good Luck!

2006; Micheleen Harris; Grad Student; LinkedIn


2006; Everett M Stone, PhD; Grad Student; Postoc w/ George Georgiou at Univ TX, Austin; Research Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Austin; 2017 Emerging Inventor of the Year; LinkedIn


2005; Curtis Muñiz, PharmD; Professional Student; Pharmacist; LinkedIn


2005; Helena Bianchi, MS; Grad Student; Health Coach; LinkedIn


2005; Tera Schaller; Undergrad Student; LinkedIn


2005 Nicholas J Costello, MLS(ASCP); Undergrad Student; Medical Lab Scientist; LinkedIn

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