Current Lab Members

Walt multitasks.

Walt multitasks.







Walter Fast, PhD; PI; LinkedIn

When escaping his other duties, Walt is learning to run the ITC.

Dann, thinking about his lab projects

Dann Diego Rivera, Graduate Student; LinkedIn

Dann is studying zinc-dependent antibiotic resistance determinants.



Alex starts something new.

Yeong-Chan (Alex) Ahn, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar; LinkedIn

Alex is developing new types of covalent inhibitors.



Ryan putting some atoms together

Ryan Coops, Undergraduate researcher; Linkedin

Ryan is making new inhibitors and mutant enzymes for the study of covalent inhibitiors.



Alice making a plan

Yerim (Alice) Kim, Undergraduate Researcher; LinkedIn

Alice is making affinity labels for a metal-dependent enzyme.


Pei looking authoritative

Pei attends a function.

Pei W Thomas, PhD, Research Scientist; LinkedIn

Dr. Thomas is currently working on metallo-beta-lactamases and quorum-quenching lactonases.




Past Lab Members




Guy, blazing a new trail

Guy, blazing a new trail (but with all of the appropriate personal protective equipment)

2019; Guy Bedford, Undergraduate Researcher; LinkedIn



Nasa in person

2019; Nasa Xue, Undergraduate Researcher; LinkedIn


Valerie pipetting

Valerie pipettes.

2019; Valerie May, M.S.; Internship; LinkedIn



Sean wears an upgrade from his lab coat.

Sean upgrades his lab coat.

2019; Sean Patel, Undergraduate Researcher


Alfred making something new

Alfred makes something new.

2019; Alfred Tuley, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow; Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology; LinkedIn



Stephan concocts some media.

Stephan concocts some media.

2018; Stephan Clayton, Grad Student.


Chris and the HPLC

Chris and the HPLC

2017; Christopher Schardon; Grad Student, Postdoc; Licensing Associate, OTD, UT Southwestern; LinkedIn


Alesha tests some compounds

Alesha tests some compounds.







2017; Alesha Stewart; Grad Student; Postdoctoral Fellow:  Association of Public Health Laboratories – CDC Antimicrobial Resistance Fellowship; LinkedIn


Jake preparing to chromatograph

Jake prepares to chromatograph.

2017; Jake Swartzel; Undergrad Student; Grad Student, Yale Chemistry; LinkedIn


Haley at the bench

Haley at the bench

2016; Haley Kenefik; Undergrad Student;


A busy Oscar

A busy Oscar

2015; Oscar E Villerreal; Undergrad Student; Beckman Scholar in the Gerogiou Lab.


Joyce at work.

Joyce at work

2015; Joyce Er, PhD; Grad Student; Kopa Real Estate; LinkedIn


Ken "fixes" the HPLC.

Ken “fixes” the HPLC.

2014; Ken D. Clevenger, PhD; Grad Student; Postdoc w/ Neil Kelleher at Northwestern Univ; Senior Scientist I, Oncology Discovery, Abbvie; LinkedIn


Gayle pipettes.

Gayle pipettes.

2014; Gayle Burstein-Teitelbaum, PhD; Grad Student; Technology Licensing Specialist at Univ TX, Austin; Associate, Licensing and Business Development at the Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA ; LinkedIn


2013; Kevin Hou, Undergrad Student; LinkedIn


I know, I know...Safety Glasses!

I know, I know…Safety Glasses!

2012; Corey M Johnson, PhD; Postdoc; Assistant Professor Samford Univ (Birmingham, AL); LinkedIn


Tom in Old Lab

A pensive Tom in the old lab

2012; Tom W Linsky, PhD; Grad Student; Postdoc w/ David Baker at Univ Washington; Senior Scientist, Pacific Biosciences, Menlo Park, CA;LinkedIn


2012; Hunter Sellers, Undergrad Student;


Yun takes a break.

Yun takes a break.

2010; Yun Wang, PhD; Grad Student; Postdoc w/ Phil Cole at Johns Hopkins; U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Reviewer; LinkedIn


uniformed crew

All in “uniform.”  Seth (right) pulls it off the best.

2010; Seth Hale; Undergrad Student; UT Southwestern Medical School


2010; Dae-Wi Yoon, PhD; Postdoc; LG Display


Lynn with a rotation student!

Lynn with a rotation student!

2010; Qin “Lynn” Guo, PhD; Postdoc; Research Fellow at Harvard; LinkedIn


Jeanette double checks her calculations.

Jeanette double checks her calculations.

2010; Jeanette DeJong, Undergrad Student;


Jessica does some light reading.

Jessica does some light reading.

2009; Jessica Momb, PhD; Grad Student; Postdoc w/ Dean Appling at Univ TX, Austin; Research Associate, University of Texas at Austin; LinkedIn


2009; Austin Smith; Undergrad Student; Medical School at UT Health Sci Ctr, San Antonio; LinkedIn


2009; Emily Bray; Undergrad Student;


Shougang in the new lab.

Shougang in the new lab

2008; Shougang Hu, PhD; Postdoc;


Lana in the old lab

Lana in the old lab

2007; Chunlan Chen, MS; Research Scientist; Chemist at AMRI (Albany, NY); LinkedIn


2007; Li Song, Undergrad Student;


Lin and Lana confer.

Lin and Lana confer.

2007; Lin Hong, PhD; Postdoc; Investigator, Novartis Genomics Institute, San Diego; LinkedIn


2007; Rhiannon Dodge; Undergrad Student; LinkedIn


2006; Paul Enemark, PharmD; Professional Student; Pharmacist;


2006; John Arellano, PharmD; Professional Student;


Micheleen's Note - Good Luck!

Micheleen’s Note – Good Luck!

2006; Micheleen Harris; Grad Student; LinkedIn


2006; Everett M Stone, PhD; Grad Student; Postoc w/ George Georgiou at Univ TX, Austin; Research Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Austin; 2017 Emerging Inventor of the Year; LinkedIn


2005; Curtis Muñiz, PharmD; Professional Student; Pharmacist; LinkedIn


2005; Helena Bianchi, MS; Grad Student; Health Coach; LinkedIn


2005; Tera Schaller; Undergrad Student; LinkedIn


2005 Nicholas J Costello, MLS(ASCP); Undergrad Student; Medical Lab Scientist; LinkedIn

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