ArcGIS 10 Seminar

ESRI will host free training workshops for the ArcGIS 10 rollout. Please circulate amongst students and researchers on campus. Great opportunity to meet Austin Area GIS users and learn something new about ArcGIS 10. The Geography computers labs will have the new version of ArcGIS 10 this next semester. From what I read it is a great update from 9 with new functionality and a easier user interface.

Link for Austin Session Registration:

Link for overview on Seminar

One comment on “ArcGIS 10 Seminar
  1. Ophelia says:

    I have been using ArcGIS 10 at work for a month now (Windows 7 64bit, 8 GB memory). It took a while to get used to the new interface, especially when a lot of icons of tools are removed and then integrated into ArcToolbox. Overall it's faster than ArcGIS 9.3.1 for large data processing. There are some new tools that are very handy and nice to have.The python script for ArcGIS 10 is different from 9.3.1. You can run the script for 9.3.1 under Arc 10, but in order to make a script for Arc 10 to run under 9.3.1, you'll have to make changes on your own.

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