Niti Mishra awarded the GeoEye Imagery Grant – Graduate student will use grant to study change in the Kalahari

Graduate student Niti Mishra has been awarded the GeoEye imagery grant from the GeoEye Foundation in support of his ongoing dissertation research in the central Kalahari of Botswana. The Geo Eye is a leading commercial providers of  high resolution satellite imagery and supports scientists and  researchers through an imagery grant. Niti will receive 2 GeoEye-1 images worth $10,000 covering an area of 500 square kilometers.
Working under the guidance of Prof. Kelley Crews in the Digital Landscape research cluster of the department, Niti’s dissertation research is part of Prof. Crews ongoing research in southern Africa.
The GeoEye-1 images will be utilized with other multispectral/hyperspectral images under a multi-scale framework to understand ecosystem structure, function and carbon dynamics by characterizing fractional Land-cover and examining its spatio-temporal association with land-use and disturbance regimes.

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