Plaid Avengers to be Remembered as Conscious, Plaid-Wearing

Plaid Avengers, the GAGs trivia team and 2011 champions of the McCombs Business School International Week Trivia Night declined to defend their title this year, citing organizational and scheduling issues.  The team, who cruised somewhat effortlessly to victory last year after garnering a satisfactory 88 points, will be remembered for their characteristic patterned shirts of alternating colored threads and continuous state of awareness throughout the competition. “In the moment, I don’t think we realized the gravity of our achievement,” recalled team alumnus Jonathan Lowell, “I mean, each of us was experiencing coherent cognitive and behavioral responses to the external world.” Although the fully-conscious, tartan-clad bunch will, by default, lose their status as reigning trivia champions when the 2012 competition kicks off on Wednesday, the Plaid Avengers’ legacy endures. While noting that he preferred tweed, university president Bill Powers said of the teams’ 2011 victory, “[Plaid Avengers’] complete wakefulness and indisputably crisscrossed attire will not be forgotten in the relatively near future.”

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