Month: March 2014

Student Chapter holds first Colloquium

Our sibling student group – the UT chapter of ASPRS (American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) held their first talk in their highly anticipated colloquium series. Colleague and GIS expert M. Anwar Sounny-Slitine talked about his research using Lidar

Matt LaFevor – Publishing Machine

In 2014, Matthew LaFevor has published: 1) an article in the Journal of Environmental Management, Restoration of Degraded Agricultural Terraces: Rebuilding Landscape Structure and Process; 2) a book review in the Journal of Historical Geography, (review) A Land Between Waters: Environmental

Documentary to the Big Screen

Robert Lemon’s latest film, and his first feature length documentary, Transfusión, is headed to the big screens this year. Transfusión is a cinema verite style documentary that traces taco trucks across the city of Columbus, Ohio, uncovering the complex and

The End of Austin – John Clary Publishes in Online Journal

“Familiarity in (Sub)Urban Form: The Death of Highland Mall?” by John Clary was published in The End of Austin, a digital humanities project that explores urban identity in Austin. Check it out

Niti Mishra – Research in the Indian Himalayas

Niti Mishra is back in our headlines again. Niti recently returned from a season of field work in the Uttarkashi district of the Indian Himalayas (Jan 1 -1 0). he field campaign was in and around Uttarkashi town in the Garhwal

Unfortunate Soccer Season

GAGE Football Club (FC) had an interesting season. The season was marred by two serious injuries, a dislocated finger and a torn ACL. However, we pulled together for the last game, and recorded our biggest victory, a win of 9

Colloquium: Niti B. Mishra

Niti B. Mishra, Doctoral Candidate recently presented a department colloquium entitled: Challenges and Opportunities in Upscaling Ecosystem Structural and Functional Properties in Savanna Systems. Abstract: Dryland and savanna ecosystems are geographically extensive, ecologically important, and economically significant.  Worldwide, drylands and savannas

Mentors Among Us

Niti Mishra and Matthew LaFevor are currently serving as mentors with the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre-Graduate School Internship program. The objective of the program is to connect undergraduates with faculty and experienced graduate students in their field of study to explore

Molly Polk – Film Star

In summer 2013, graduate student Molly Polk assisted in a field module on mountain mire ecology at the High Mountain Partnership (HiMAP) 3rd International Conference in Huaraz, Peru. Through the USAID-supported partnership, Peru and Nepal are addressing the impacts and risks of

UT Geography Students Showcase Work at Austin Area GIS Day

On Wednesday November 20th, UT geography students showcased a collection of projects created by members of the departments ASPRS Student Chapter. Attended by GIS professionals, academics, and government officials, Austin Area GIS day was a great opportunity to gain exposure