Documentary to the Big Screen


Robert Lemon’s latest film, and his first feature length documentary, Transfusión, is headed to the big screens this year. Transfusión is a cinema verite style documentary that traces taco trucks across the city of Columbus, Ohio, uncovering the complex and contentious circumstances encompassing Mexican cuisine in the United States. The film will have its World Premiere March 23rd at the Cleveland International Film Festival and will be part of its film forum. As the festival describes, “FilmForums offer CIFF patrons creative and unique opportunities to explore urgent, relevant, and complex social issues. These are issues that cannot and should not be ignored.” The film is also in competition for “Best Ohio Film.”

The film is also an “official selection” for the 38th annual Chicago Latino Film Festival, April 3rd to the 19th. Additionally, City University of New York (CUNY) will screen the film at Guttman College in late March as part of its “Community Days.” They will be featuring immigration issues and food. The film was selected as part of the festivities. And the film has also been invited to play at The Ohio State University at the Center for Latin American Studies fall semester 2014. It has also been selected to be screened at the 23rd Arizona International Film Festival in April.

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