Matt LaFevor – Publishing Machine


In 2014, Matthew LaFevor has published: 1) an article in the Journal of Environmental Management, Restoration of Degraded Agricultural Terraces: Rebuilding Landscape Structure and Process; 2) a book review in the Journal of Historical Geography, (review) A Land Between Waters: Environmental Histories of Modern Mexico; 3) another slated to come out in the next issue of the AAG Review of Books, (review) Estudio Costero del Suroccidente de México, 4) and an introduction to a special issue he co-edited (with Paul F. Hudson) of the Journal of Environmental Management, Managing and Monitoring Human Impacts on Landscapes for Environmental Change and Sustainability, which is currently in press. He will be a guest speaker at the University of North Texas later this week, and the following week will defend his dissertation at UT Austin (Good luck!).

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