GAGE Does AAG 2014 Tampa

GAGE does AAG 2014

GAGE does AAG 2014

A successful AAG 2014 meeting was had at Tampa. Eighteen grad students and one undergrad presented work in Tampa. Several individuals either won awards or were elected to committees (for a full list, see below posts). Well done to all of those individuals. And thanks to Marina for taking hundreds of photos! In order to spread our AAG knowledge to future generations of GAGE-sters, we compiled an AAG debrief with several questions, and here are the results.

Best Paper Session:

  • Nystrom Award nominees
  • Remote Sensing Student Paper Competition
  • Geographic Information Science and Systems Student Paper Competition

Best Panel Session:

  • Practicalities of doing interdisciplinary biogeography research
  • Publishing, not perishing: A student’s guide to academic publishing
  • How can we make agent-based models more relevant?

Best Paper:

  • Kam Wing Chan: ‘Shanghai’s “Smart Kids” and the left-behind Children’
  • Lynn Resler: ‘Mountain Landscapes and Communities in a Changing World’
  • Jed Long: :Mapping Interactive Behaviour in Wildlife Tracking Data: A Time Geographic Approach’
  • Cara Steger: Safari Science: Testing Tourists as Researchers in East African Protected Areas
  • Kelly Sims: Exploring the Reliability of Using Social Media as a Tool in Modelling Near Real-Time Populations of Special Events

Best thing to do in Tampa (should you find yourself there again):

  • The electronic orb “Ninja” game in the playground by the Art Center
  • Gawk at the horror that is a Royal Caribbean cruise ship
  • Look for manatees! They are much bigger than you expect
  • Drink beer at the Sail Bar and watch dolphins

One thing you HAVE to do in Chicago next year:

  • Schedule a one-on-one meeting with a professor who’s work you admire
  • Weiner Circle
  • Enter a student paper competition for one of your affinity groups
  • Go to a business meeting

See you all next year


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