Amy McCullough and crew present BEAST LOVER at Zed Fest

November 7-9, 2014

Congrats to current UT Geography Master’s student, Amy McCullough on the recent premier of her movie, Beast Lover! Although McCullough and crew originally made the movie with the intention to showing it to just a few close friends, the film premiered at Zed Fest  and won awards for Outstanding Micro Budget, Outstanding Love Story, Creative Visual Effects, and Outstanding Music.

The screening of Beast Lover was at a small venue called Theatre Banshee, in Burbank near the North Hollywood (“NoHo”) area. Overall, McCullough says the movie was very well-received, with lots of laughter and a sold-out theater the first night. Movie crew included McCullough, Jimmie Buchanan Jr., and fellow Austinites Zachary Nash, Kissryn Munns, Dan Hunt, and Drew Johnson. Music was by McCullough and Buchanan’s musical identity, Pony Canyon.

For more information on the flick, check out the film’s trailer:

Well done, Amy!



Above: Amy and Jimmie present their film at Zed Fest 2014



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