Year: 2015

Robert Bean studies flooding history of the Okavango Delta in Botswana

Robert Bean is has also spent the majority of the summer in Botswana studying the flooding history of the Okavango Delta around the Makgadikgadi, Mababe, and Ngami sub-basins where the delta terminates. Above: Together with Dr. Thoralf Meyer, Dan Levine, and

Dan Levine spends summer TAing in Botswana

The majority of Dan Levine’s summer has been spent in a tent TAing for the department’s faculty-led study abroad program in Botswana. Working alongside Dr. Thoralf Meyer, the program immerses undergraduate students in hands-on fieldwork and coursework focused on the vegetation, wildlife,

Greta Wells conducts field work in the Columbian Andes

Greta Wells is conducting her Master’s research on jökulhlaups in Iceland.  Specifically, she’s working to reconstruct a Holocene history of these glacial outburst floods along a river channel that drains the country’s largest ice cap.  To find clues of past floods, she studies geomorphologic features

Kaitlin Tasker explores conservation in Cordillera Azul National Park, Peru

Kaitlin Tasker’s Master’s research explores how the spatial patterns of conservation priority differ when informed by economic principles, landscape ecology, and carbon content. She is conducting research in Cordillera Azul National Park, Peru. Above: Kaitlin Tasker takes coordinates for a recently

Sam Krause conducts geoarchaeological research in northwestern Belize

Sam Krause is surveying ancient water features and and collecting soil samples for geoarchaeological/ geochemical analysis in northwestern Belize this summer. She’ll be in the field for 9 weeks working with the Maya Research Program. Keep up the hard (and sweaty)

Kalli Doubleday conducts research on human wildlife conflict in Rajasthan, India

Kalli Doubleday is working in Rajasthan, India on human wildlife conflict and coexistence. She helps STCO, a local wildlife rescue hotline, give wildlife information workshops in rural villages where she then conducts her focus groups. Improving peoples’ species identification benefits

Jillian Ames attends course in Umea, Sweden on Climate Change and Public Health

Jillian spent a portion of her summer attending a course on climate change and health through the Department of Epidemiology and Global Health at The University of Umea in Umea, Sweden. The course featured a series of lectures and practical sessions led by international

Jillian Ames and Christine Bonthius selected for the 2015-2016 Brumley Next Generation Fellows Program

Jillian Ames and Christine Bonthius were selected for the 2015-2016 Brumley Next Generation Fellows Program! Funded by the Struass Center’s Brumley Program in International Affairs and by the RGK Center for Philanthropy and Service, the Brumley Next Generation Fellows program

Amy McCullough conducts summer research on Airbnbs in Cancún, Mexico

Amy McCullough is spending a portion of the summer in Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico where she is conducting research on local Airbnbs by personally using the service, chatting with Airbnb hosts, and recruiting study participants. Amy is pictured below with Airbnb host (and

2015-2016 GAGE Officers Elected

UT GAGE has completed officer elections for the 2015-2016 academic year. The elected officers began their term May 15, 2015. The UT Graduate Association of Geography and the Environment Officers of 2015-2016 are as follows: President: Kalli Doubleday Vice President: Kaitlin Tasker