December’s Professional Development Brown Bag

Professors Caroline Faria, Jennifer Miller and Paul Adams held the first professional development brown bag luncheon of the year, in the Digital Learning Lab on December 5th. The first of what promises to be a regular event, the brown bag focused on strategizing for conferences and job offers early on. Notes from Kalli Doubleday are as follows:

1. AAG specialty groups are great opportunities and are important for distinguishing yourself within the sub-disciplines
2. If you are competing in competitions at the AAG, be there when they call your name!
3. Be strategic where you accept your first job – it is difficult to leave community college jobs
4. While finishing your dissertation, it might be worth considering a job outside academia so that you can focus on writing your dissertation and publishing without the work load that comes with TA, AI or Post-Docs etc
5. While writing your dissertation, it is also important to consider the benefits of taking longer to graduate so that you have time to get out publications while a grad student – ONCE YOU’RE OUT, YOU’RE OUT
6. It may be worth it to go on the market a little early just to get acquainted with the process, interviewing, packet preparation
7. There are such things as Pre-Docs – look them up

Future brown bag opportunities will be sent out over the GAGE listserv for those interested. Thanks so much to Dr. Faria, Dr. Miller, and Dr. Adams for their time and input!

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