* Continuing into the Ph.D. program

2017 – 2018

Xuebin Yang (Ph.D.)

2016 – 2017

Bisola Falola (Ph.D.)

Edward Park (Ph.D.) – Tributary impacts, hydrological connectivity and distribution of sediment sinks along the Amazon River

Xiwei Guo (M. A.)

Colin Doyle (M. A.)* – Leveraging Geospatial Technologies for Flood Management and Disaster Assessment in the Lower Mekong River Basin

Paul Flynn (M. A.)*

William Delgado (M. A.)* – Incorporating Renewable Energy in a Desalination Plant – Case Study in El Paso, Texas (Beach/Luzzadder-Beach, August)

2015 – 2016

Naya Jones (Ph.D.) – Eating While Young and Black: Food, Foodways, and Gentrification in Austin, Texas

Molly Polk (Ph.D.) – “They are drying out” : social-ecological consequences of glacier recession on mountain peatlands in Huascarán National Park, Peru (Young, May)

Jonathan Flood (Ph.D.) – Groundwater geochemistry and human ecology in the south Aegean : a diachronic investigation of the human–hydrologic relationship from prehistory to the present  (Luzzadder-Beach, August)

Paul Holloway (Ph.D.) – Incorporating movement into species distribution models (Miller, May)

Josh Rudow (Ph.D.) – Uphill cultivation : farmers in the changing environments of the Rio Ica watershed, Peru (Doolittle, May)

Dan Levine (M.A.)* – Spatio-temporal analysis of central Texas savannas : integrating field data with remotely-derived data sources to inform ecosystem function and management (Crews, August)

Amy McCullough (M.A.) – You Have Arrived: Geotourism and Experiencing Place via Airbnb (Adams, May)

Kaitlin Tasker (M.A)* – Informing the carbon frontier : economics and landscape in the western Amazon (Arima/Young, August)

Greta Wells (M.A.)* – Timeline reconstruction of Holocene jökulhlaups along the Jökulsá á Fjöllum channel, Iceland (Luzzadder-Beach, May)

Jillian Ames (M.A.) – How does uncertainty influence spatial projections of Anopheles presence in Kenya? (Miller, May)


Robert Lemon (Ph.D.) – (Hoelscher, May) – Taco Truck Urban Topographies & The Spatiality of Orderly Disorder.

Greg Schwartz (Ph.D.) –  Payment for environmental services in Costa Rica’s Osa peninsula : a feminist political ecology perspective (Knapp, May)

Niti Mishra (Ph.D.) – Characterizing ecosystem structural and functional properties in the central Kalahari using multi-scale remote sensing (Crews, May)

Katia Raquel Avilés-Vázquez (Ph.D.) – Farming and resistance : survival strategies of smallholder farmers in Puerto Rico (Knapp, December)


Shari Wilcox (Ph.D.) – Encountering El Tigre: Jaguars, Knowledge, and Discourse in the Western World, 1492-1945 (Zonn, May)

Matt Lafevor (Ph.D.) – Conservation engineering and agricultural terracing in Tlaxcala, Mexico (Doolittle, May)

John Oswald (Ph.D.) – The social and spatial dimensions of ethnic conflict : contextualizing the divided city of Nicosia, Cyprus (Butzer, December)

Isabel Solange Munoz (Ph.D.) – Squatters and the right to the city : waiting for eviction in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Zonn, May)

Chris Ulack (Ph.D.) – “Starting from below zero” : Iraqi refugee resettlement and integration in the United States and Austin, Texas (Butzer, December)

Claudia Nancy Aguirre (Ph.D) – Work streaming / mainstreaming gendered land use and land cover change (GLUCC) : Afro-descendant communities in the Pacific Region of Colombia (Crews, December)

John Clary (M.A.) – Digital geographies of transnational spaces: a mixed-method study of Mexico-US migration (Adams, August)

Vince Clause (M.A.) – Integrating geologic and SRTM data to identify geomorphologic landforms in the Eastern Amazon River Valley (Latrubesse, August)

Justin Laue (M.A.) – The extent of reductions to protected areas in the Brazilian Amazon: case study of Amazon National Park (Arima, May)


Lindsay Carte (Ph.D.) – Central American immigrant women and the enactment of state policy : everyday restriction on Mexico’s southern border (Torres, August)

Leigh Schwartz (Ph.D.) – Here be dragons : imaginative geographies of online video games (Zonn, May)

Mario Cardozo (Ph.D.) – Smallholder livelihoods and market accessibility in the Peruvian Amazon (Crews/Young, May)

Mason McWatters (Ph.D.) – The unworlding and worlding of agoraphobia (Adams, May)

Christine Bonthius (M.A.) – A megariver under threat : the construction and environmental impacts of dams on the Madeira River in Brazil, in context of the fluvial geomorphology (Latrubesse, May)

Richard Knox (M.A.) – Changes in recent effective discharge and geomorphology near the Old River Control on the lower Mississippi River (Latrubesse, May)

Gavin Schwan (M.A.) – Consumer choice and the retail food environment : a reexamination of food deserts (Doolittle, May)

Katherine Lininger (M.A.) – The hydro-geomorphology of the middle Araguaia River: floodplain dynamics of the largest fluvial system draining the Brazilian Cerrado (Latrubesse, August)

Jonathan Lowell (M.A.)* – Into and out of the forest : change and community in Céu do Mapiá (Adams, May)

Edward Park (M.A.)* – Temporal and spatial analysis of suspended sediment distribution in the Amazon River using satellite imagery (Latrubesse, May)

Moulay Mohamed Anwar Adounia Sounny-Slitine (M.A.)* – Geomorphic and anthropogenic influences on hydrologic connectivity along the lower Mississippi River (Latrubesse, December)


Ophelia Wang (Ph.D.) – Forest diversity and conservation in the western Amazon based on tree inventory and remote sensing data (Young, December)

Augustine Avwunudiogba (Ph.D.) – Soil erosion and geomorphic sensitivity under slash-and-burn agricultural systems, Sierra Madre Oriental, Eastern Mexico (Hudson/Pérez, May)

Pamela Sertzen (M.A.) – Experiencing violence : children and the marginalized urban space of the Brazilian favela (Torres, August)

Renata Ponte (M.A.) – Brazil’s HIV/ AIDS model : Is it working Fortaleza? – Spatial analysis of HIV/ AIDS (Miller, May)

Dylan Malcomb (M.A.) – The changing climate of vulnerability, aid and governance in Malawi (Crews, May)

Maria Jose LaRota-Aguilera (M.A.) – Guild-specific responses of birds to habitat fragmentation : evaluating the effects of different coffee production systems in Colombia (Young, December)

Jonathan Gehrig (M.A.) – The last llamero : development and livelihood changes in the high Andes (Knapp, May)

Brian Mills (M.A.) – The road less traveled : forms of mobility in The motorcycle diaries (Zonn, May)


Josh Rudow (M.A.)*- The transformation of Tarahumara agriculture in Chihuahua, Mexico (Doolittle, May)

Steven Shannon (M.A.) – Placing technology : examining the emerging use of solar water heaters in Oaxaca, Mexico (Adams, August)

Emily Duda (M.A.) – Sports and the city : the rhetorical construction of civic identity through American football teams (Adams, August)

Othoniel Vázquez Domínguez  (M.A.) – Tree ferns of Central Veracruz : harvest and conservation implications (Doolittle, August)


Lazarus Pomara (Ph.D.) – Biogeography of upland bird communities in the Peruvian Amazon (Young, December)

Robert D. Brennan (Ph.D.) – Last breath, first pulse: an experiment in modernization, Lowell, Massachusetts, 1823 – 1857 (Davies, December)

Kevin Michael Anderson (Ph.D.) – Marginal nature: Urban wastelands and the geography of nature (Doughty, December)

Mariana Montoya (Ph.D.) – How access, values, and history shape the sustainability of a social-ecological system : the case of the Kandozi indigenous group of Peru (Young, December)

Jessica Gordon (M.A.) – An analysis of forest change : a case study of the Chocó-Andean conservation corridor in the Upper Guayllabamba Watershed, Ecuador (Young, May)

McCown, Andrew (M.A.) – Genetically Modified Soy Production and Small Farmer Resistance in San Pedro, Paraguay: Finding Space for Dialogue in an Overly-Politicized Agricultural Landscape (Knapp, May)


Franklin Heitmuller (Ph.D.) – From Downstream trends of alluvial sediment composition and channel adjustment in the Llano River watershed, Central Texas, USA: the roles of a highly variable flow regime and a complex lithology (Hudson, May)

Matthew J. Fry (Ph.D.) – Construction materials and landscape change (Doolittle, December)

Robby Fergus (Ph.D.) – Urban bird conservation (Doughty, December)

Thomas Barnett, (M.A.) – Black land ownership in post-bellum Texas: settlement locations and rural livelihoods (Doolittle, May)

Carolina De la Rosa Tincopa (M.A.) – Environmental governance and implications of small-scale logging: the case of the indigenous groups in the Ampiyacu Basin in the northeastern Peruvian Amazon (Young, August)

Ingrid Haeckel (M.A.) – Ceremonial bromeliads of the arco floral: ethnobotany, ecology, and harvest impacts of Tillandsia imperialis (Bromeliaceae) in Veracruz, Mexico (Doolittle, May)

Andrew Riely (M.A.) – Grass-fed cattle ranching in Texas: characteristics and motivations of ranchers (Knapp, May)

Zachary Hurwitz (M.A.) – Sustaining power: clean development, governance, and the politics of hydroelectricity in Brazil (Doolittle, May)


Carlos Santiago Lopez (Ph.D.) – From The Household To The Community: A Resource Demand And Land-Use Model Of Indigenous Production In Western Amazonia (Sierra , August)

Damon Scott (Ph.D.) – The City Aroused: Sexual Politics And The Transformation Of San Francisco’s Urban Landscape, 1943-1964  (Hoelscher, August)

Jennifer Lipton (Ph.D.) – Human Dimensions of Conservation, Land Use, and Climate Change in Huascaran National Park, Peru (Young, August)

Reena Patel (Ph.D.) – Working the Night Shift: Women’s Employment in the Transnational Call Center Industry (Adams/Skop, May)

Trushna Parekh (Ph.D.) – Inhabiting Treme: Gentrification, Memory And Racialized Space In A New Orleans Neighborhood (Hoelscher, May)

Amy Neuenschwander (Ph.D.) – Remote sensing of vegetation dynamics in response to flooding and fire in the Okavango Delta, Botswana (Crews , December)

Beverly Lyn Garland (M.A.) – Prowling the Nature-Culture Borderlands: A Geography of the Feral Cat (Adams, December)

Jonathan Ogren (M.A.) – Conservation Planning in Central Texas (Doughty / Young, May)

Katherine (M.A.) Williams – Pimping Paradise: An Analysis of the Construction and Contestation of the Place-Based Identity of Key West, Florida (Zonn, May)

Margaret Gene Wallace (M.A.) – Urban dung beetles: a natural history of dung-feeding scarabs along an urban gradient in Travis County, Texas (Richardson, May)


Sarah Elizabeth Harris (Ph.D.) – Colonial Forestry and Environmental History: British Policies in Cyprus, 1878-1960 (Butzer , August)

Cyrus B. H. Reed (Ph.D.) – The Texas-Mexico Water Dispute and its Resolution: Agricultural Liquid & Land Practice and Discourse along the Rio Conchos, Chihuhua,  1990-2005 (Knapp, August)

Katrrinka Cleora Somdahl (Ph.D.) – Dancing in Place: the Radical Production of Civic Spaces (Hoelsccher/Adams, May)

David Salisbury (Ph.D.) – Overcoming Marginality On The Margins: Mapping, Logging, And Coca In The Amazon Borderlands (Knapp, May)

Shiri Avneri (M.A.) – 1,400 Years of Biomass Burning, Climate Variability, and Environmental Change on Ometope Island, Lake Nicaragua (Dull, May)

Maria Belén Noroña Salcedo (M.A.) – Seizing the Lake: Tourism, Identity, and Power of the Indigenous People of Quilotoa (LAS, Knapp, May)

Kendall S. Zanowiak (M.A.) – Immigrant Claims to Space and the State’s Attempt to Control It: The Case of Latin Americans in the United States (LAS, Skop, May)

Drew Edward Bennett (M.A.) – Indigenous Land-Use Systems: Evidence from the Pueblo Kichwa de Rukullakta (Sierra, May)

Mason R. McWatters (M.A.)* – (De) Constructing Paradise: Assessing Residents’ Place Experiences During an Era of Residential Tourism Development in Boquete, Panamá. MA thesis (LAS, Adams). Winner, Outstanding Thesis/Report Award, Graduate School, 2006-2007.


Maria D. Lane (Ph.D.) – Imaginative Geographies of Mars: The Science and Significance of the Red Planet, 1877-1910 (Manners, August)

Joy Kristina Adams (Ph.D.) – Going Deutsch: Heritage Tourism and Identity in German Texas (Hoelscher, August)

Christopher Thomas Gaffney (Ph.D.) – Dynamic Sites and Cultural Symbols: the Stadiums of Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires (Adams, May)

Jonathan Meiburg (M.A.) – The biogeography of Striated Caracaras Phalcoboenus australis (Doughty, May)

Sharon Wilcox (M.A.) – Reconstructing identity representational strategies in the Garifuna community of Dangriga, Belize (Zonn, May)

Jessica Lynn Lee (M.A.) – Late Quaternary Environmental Change in the Huasteca Cultural Region of the Mexican Gulf Coast (Dull, May)

Robin H. Gary (Havens) (M.A.) – Anthropogenic Activities and Karst Landscapes: a Case Study of the Deep, Thermal, Sulfuric Karst System in Tamaulipas, Mexico (Crews, December)

Brenda C. Baletti (M.A.) – The social production of urban forests: urbanization, development, and conservation in the eastern Brazilian Amazon (Doolittle, December)

Kacy McKinney (M.A.) – Contesting the transgenic landscape networks, narratives and policy action in agrarian struggles in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 1998-2003 (LAS, Davis)

Julio Postigo (M.A.) – Change and continuity in a peasant community of Peruvian shepherds the case of Pilpichaca, Huancavelica (LAS)


Mary M. Brook (Ph.D.) – Re-scaling the Commons: Miskitu Indians, Forest Commodities, and Transnational Development Networks (Knapp, August)

Stuart Kirkham (Ph.D.) – Valuing Invasives: Understanding The Merremia Peltata Invasion In Post-Colonial Samoa (Doolittle and Knapp, May)

Amy Lynn Norman (M.A.) – Isolating seasonal variation in landuse/landcover change using multi-temporal classification of landsat ETM data in the Peruvian Amazon (Crews, August)

Joanna Wolaver (M.A.) – Pressure on the park a case study of Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas, and whooping crane habitat management (Crews, August)

Hope Hackman Fitzgerald (M.A.) – Private sector participation in water provision (MES, Manners, August)

Orlandos G. Stergides (M.A.) – The “Minoan” Eruption of Santorini and the Collapse of the Minoan Civilization (Doolittle, May)

Jillian Suzanne Aldrin (M.A.) – Downstream spatial variability of recent flood deposits, Lower Guadalupe River, Texas (Hudson, May)

Heather Allard (M.A.) – The Yellowstone bison herd contentious management of an American icon, MA thesis (Davis, December)

Eric Russman (M.A.) – Long-term impacts of payment for environmental services : a forest conservation assessment in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica (LAS)

Amy Weesner (M.A.) – Indigenous territoriality in Ecuador’s Amazon a study of Achuar organizational discourse and the legalization of ancestral territories (LAS, Knapp, December).


Amy Mills (Ph.D.) – Streets of Memory: The Kuzguncuk Mahalle in Cultural Practice and Imagination (Manners, August)

Margaret A. Kaluzny (Ph.D.) – From Islamic Ishbilia to Christian Sevilla: Transformations and Continuity in a Multicultural City
(Butzer, May)

Catherine Louise Hoover  (Ph.D.) – Environmental Change and Uncertainty in Coastal Communities of Northern Honduras (Butzer, December)

Judith L. Dykes-Hoffman  (Ph.D.) – On the Edge of the Balcones Escarpment: The Urban and Cultural Development of New Braunfels and San Marcos, Texas, 1845  1880 (Doolittle and Jordan, December)

Jean Wintemute Parcher (M.A.) – Remote Sensing Methods for Estimating Impervious Cover for Hydrologic Modeling Applications: A Case Study of the Brownsville/Matamoros Urban Area (Crews, December)

Manuel Peralvo (M.A.) – Identification of biodiversity conservation priorities using predictive modeling: An application for the tropical dry forests of western Ecuador and northern Peru (Sierra, August)


Maria Grace Fadiman (Ph.D.) – Fibers from the Forest: Mestizo, Afro-Ecuadorian, and Chachi Ethnobotany of Piquigua (Heteropsis ecuadorensis, Araceae) and Mocora (Astrocaryum standleyanum, Arecaceae) in Northwestern Ecuador (Doolittle and Perez, August)

Maria Elisa Christie (Ph.D.) – Kitchenspace: Gendered Spaces for Cultural Reproduction, or, Nature in the Everyday Lives of Ordinary Women in Central Mexico (Knapp, August)

Keene McDonald Haywood (Ph.D.) – The Laguna Madre of Texas: A history and analysis of the spatial understanding and cultural constructions of its fisheries (Manners, August)

Jerry Owen (Joby) Bass, Jr. (Ph.D.) – More Trees in the Tropics: Repeat Photography and Landscape Change in Honduras (Doolittle, May)

Bella Bychkova Jordan (Ph.D.) – A Geographical Perspective on Ethnogenesis: The Case of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) (Doolittle and Holz, December)

Haiyan Yang (M.A.) – The Influence of the National Flood Insurance Program on Texas Coastal Development (Crews, August)

Matthew Joseph Fry (M.A.) – Choices, Collectives, and Framing: An Analysis of the Role of Land Tenure on the Decision Making of the Bolivian Ava Guaranis (LAS, Knapp, May)

Mary Harding Polk (M.A.) – An Assessment of Conservation Approaches for the Natural Protected Areas in Arid Southern Peru (LAS, Young, May)

Oscar I. Maldonado (M.A.) – Biodiversity Conservation in Long-Inhabited Landscapes: Challenges and Opportunities for the Lake Atitlan Region, Guatemala (Knapp, May)

Elaine A. Bradbee (M.A.) – Cultural Patterning in French Polynesia (Jordan, May)
Office Manager and Litigation Assistant, Hanna & Plaut LLP, Attorneys at Law, Austin

Damion Brook Kintz (M.A.) – Land use and land cover change between 1987 and 2001 in the buffer zone of a national park in the tropical Andes (Young, May)
US Geological Survey, Austin Texas


Kathryn A. Ebel (Ph.D.) – City Views, Imperial Visions: Cartography and the Visual Culture of Urban Space in the Ottoman Empire, 1453-1603 (Manners, August)

William C. Rowe, Jr. (Ph.D.) – On the Edge of Empires: The Hisor Valley of Tajikistan (Butzer, August)

Donald J. Huebner (Ph.D.) – From the Foothills to the Crest: Landscape History of the Southern Manzano Mountains, Central New Mexico, USA (Hall, August)

Yugong Gao (Ph.D.) – Cranes and People in China: Culture, Science, and Conservation (Doughty, December)

Alexandra Giselle Ponette (M.A.) – Living on the Margin: An Economic Analysis of Traditional Shade Coffee
Cultivation by the Huastec Maya of Northeastern Mexico (Doolittle, May)

Franklin T. Heitmuller (M.A.) – Morphological and Sedimentological Variability of Natural Levee Deposits in the Lower Panuco Basin, Mexico (Hudson, May)

Laura Nicole Pierce (M.A.) – The Case of the Comuneros and the Cement Baron: A Critique of Sustainable Development and Conservation in Coastal Ecuador (LAS, Knapp, May)

Amber Leigh Clark (M.A.) – From the banks of Green Bay : defining the Ho-Chunk homeland, 1634-2001 (Jordan, December)

Ryan Edward Fennell (M.A.) – Bipolar city : the reinvention of downtown living in Los Angeles (Davies, May)


Yilmaz Ari  (Ph.D.) – Visions of a Wetland: Linking Culture and Conservation at Lake Manyas, Turkey (Manners, August).

Martha P. Perez (Ph.D.) – Reciprocity and a Sense of Place: A Phenomenological Map of Haitian Space (Doughty, May)

Paul A. Stangl (Ph.D.) – East Berlin 1945-1961: Ideology, Politics, Identity, and the Urban Landscape (Butzer and Foote, May).

Shannon L. Crum (Ph.D.) – The Spatial Development of the Internet (Jordan and Foote)

Gina Slinger (M.A.) – The Feasibility of Apicultural (Meliponidae) Extention Programs: A Study of the “Kaan-Lool” Cooperative in Yucatan Peninsula (Doolittle. August)

David Bezanson (M.A.) – Natural Vegetation Types of Texas and Their Representation in Conservation Areas (Manners, December).