2020 Poster Abstracts

Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

A.1Chunlin Wuchunlin_wu@utexas.eduPh.D.
Parallel Implementation of a Viscous Vorticity Method for 3-D Incompressible Flow
A.2Daniel LaChapelledaniel.m.lachapelle@utexas.eduPh.D.
Cooperate, crawl, or crash: the automated vehicle trilemma
A.3Yasvanth Poondlayasvanthp@utexas.eduPh.D.
Modeling Chemical Equilibrium in QuiPS
A.4Karlos Kazinakiskarlosgk@utexas.eduPh.D.
Buckling and collapse of pseudoelastic NiTi tubes under bending

Biomedical Engineering/Biochemistry

B.1Hao Liuliuhao@utexas.eduPh.D.
Patient Specific Model of Left Ventricle with Mitral Valve: Insight of Ischemic Regurgitation Following by Myocardial Infarction
B.2Trung Nguyentrung.nguyen@utexas.eduPh.D.
Single-objective multiphoton light-sheet microscopy for lung cancer organoid screening
B.3Lei Meimeilei@utexas.eduPh.D.
Syndecan-1 and Its Contacts Under Mechanical Inputs
B.4Nikita Patilpatilnp@utexas.eduPh.D.
Oral rhamnan sulfate reduces plasma cholesterol and atherosclerotic plaque formation in ApoE-/- mice
B.5Yu-An Kuoyakuo0602@utexas.eduPh.D.
Massively Parallel Activator Selection of NanoCluster Beacons
B.6Jordan Villajkvilla@utexas.eduPh.D.
Identifying regulators of bacterial stress responses utilized in extreme environments
B.7Mark ShermanMark.Sherman@utexas.eduPh.D.
Erasing the Ethnic Bias in Drug Development: How Computational Tools can Enable Drug Development for a Diverse Population

Chemical Engineering

CH.1Lauren Cordovalcordova@utexas.eduPh.D.
Direct production of fatty alcohols from glucose using engineered strains of Yarrowia lipolytica
CH.2Steven Stanleystevenstanley@utexas.eduPh.D.
Delivering Shape Control for Marangoni-driven Patterning
CH.3Shin Hum Choshinhum@utexas.eduPh.D.
Spectrally Tunable Infrared Plasmonic F,Sn:In2O3 Nanocrystal Cubes
CH.4Gang Fangangfan@utexas.eduPh.D.
Aerobic Radical Polymerization Mediated by Microbial Metabolism
CH.5Lingqing Yanlyan7@utexas.eduPh.D.
Dynamic intensification of ternary distillation column
CH.6Hsin-Che Luhclu@utexas.eduPh.D.
Niobium oxide nanocrystals for dual-mode electrochromic smart windows
CH.7Aaron Burkeyburkey@utexas.eduPh.D.
Sulfoxide-functional polymers as powerful cryoprotectants of mammalian cells
CH.8Joannah Otashujotashu@utexas.eduPh.D.
Electrochemical processes in fast demand response
CH.9Yangning Zhangynzhang@utexas.eduPh.D.
Structure, Stability, and Optical Properties of Perovskite Nanocrystals
CH.10Qining Chenqnchen@utexas.eduPh.D.
Spatial variabilities in greenhouse gas emissions in oil and gas production
CH.11Hyun Gyung Kimhgkim8955@utexas.eduPh.D.
Colloidal synthesis and characterization of phase change nanocrystals : GeTe, Sb2Te3 and GST
CH.12Wen Liuwenliu@utexas.eduPh.D.
Flexible CuInSe2 Nanocrystal Solar Cells
CH.13Korede Akinpelumikakinpelumi@utexas.eduPh.D.
Reducing Volatile Solvent Loss in Post Combustion Carbon Capture by Controlling Aerosol Growth in Scrubbers
CH.14Tianyu Gaotygao@utexas.eduPh.D.
CO2 Absorption from Gas Turbine Flue Gas by Aqueous Piperazine with Intercooling
CH.15Angela Chenangelachen@utexas.eduPh.D.
The Effect of Small RNAs on the Biosynthesis and Properties of Metal Nanoparticles
CH.16Michael Abneymkabney@utexas.eduPh.D.
A Reversible Light-Induced Increase of Photoluminescence Lifetime and Intensity from Perovskite-Phase CsPbI3 Nanocrystal Quantum Dots

Civil, Architectural, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

CE.1Farid Khosravikiafarid.khosravikia@utexas.eduPh.D.
Dangerous Earthquakes Triggered by Humans in Central US
CE.2Natalia Zuniga-Garcianzuniga@utexas.eduPh.D.
Dockless Electric Scooters and Transit Use in an Urban/University Environment
CE.3Indu Venu Sabarayaindu.venu@utexas.eduPh.D.
Dimensionality vs. Electrostatics in the Heterogeneous Interaction of MoS2 Nanosheets and Natural Clay colloids: Influence of pH and natural organic matter
CE.4Samantha Fuchssfuchs@utexas.eduPh.D.
Geochemical and geomechanical alteration by acidic brine of artificially fractured sandstone under strain
CE.5Benchen Zhangthebens@utexas.eduPh.D.
Improvements in Field Liquefaction Testing with Large Mobile Shakers to Increase Shear Strains and Enhance Pore-Water Pressure Generation
CE.6Carlin Liaocarlin.liao@gmail.comPh.D.
Incorporating driver sense of urgency into road intersection priority
CE.7Hagen Fritz Vazquez-Cantelihagenfritz@utexas.eduPh.D.
Bleed Orange, Measure Purple: A Low-Cost Particulate Matter Sensor Network on the University of Texas at Austin’s Campus
CE.8Jose Vazquez-Cantelijose.vazquezcanteli@utexas.eduPh.D.
Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Demand Response in Smart Cities
CE.9Satyavati Komaragirisatyavatikomaragiri@gmail.comPh.D.
Simulation of Asphalt Mixture Compaction Using a Physics Engine
CE.10Lu Xingxinglu@utexas.eduPh.D.
Transient Simulation in Water Distribution Networks: an open source package and its applications
CE.11Edward Tiernanetiernan@utexas.eduPh.D.
A Topological Approach to Partitioning Urban Water Networks for Efficient Parallel Computing

Electrical and Computer Engineering

E.1Nitin Jonathan Myersnitinjmyers@utexas.eduPh.D.
Message passing-based link configuration in short range mmWave systems
E.2Ian Robertsipr@utexas.eduPh.D.
Millimeter-Wave Full-Duplex Communication
E.3Diego Garcia-Olanodiegoolano@gmail.comPh.D.
Explaining Deep Classification of Time-Series Data with Learned Prototypes
E.4Yuyang Wangyuywang@utexas.eduPh.D.
Site-specific online compressive codebook learning in mmWave vehicular communication
E.5Sayema Chowdhurysayemac88@gmail.comPh.D.
Transition from 3D to 2D and fractal to compact domains of CVD Grown MoSe2
E.6Anish Acharyaanishacharya@utexas.eduPh.D.
Online Embedding Compression for Text Classification using Low Rank Matrix Factorization
E.7Marius Arvintearvinte@utexas.eduPh.D.
Interdisciplinary synergy between communication theory and machine learning
E.8William Lieswlies@austin.utexas.eduMaster's
Low SWaP-C Radar for Urban Air Mobility
E.9Majid Jalilimajid@utexas.eduPh.D.
Fast and Energy Efficient Cache Hierarchy by Cache Level Prediction
E.10Md Hasibul Alamhasib.alam@gmail.comPh.D.
Process Integration and Material Stability Engineering of Two Dimensional Xenes
E.11Qinzhe Wuqw2699@utexas.eduPh.D.
gRPC Acceleration over TAS

Materials Science and Engineering

MA.1Zixuan Lilizixuan@utexas.eduPh.D.
In Situ Study of the Lubrication Mechanism of Phosphonium Phosphate Ionic Liquid in Nanoscale Single-Asperity Sliding Contacts
MA.2Katherine Raderkate.rader@utexas.eduPh.D.
Retrogression forming and reaging of high strength aluminum alloy AA7075-T6 Alclad
MA.3Robert Chrostowskirchrostowski@utexas.eduPh.D.
Lubricant Retention under Shear in Fractally Rough SLIPS
MA.4Sanjay Nandasanjaynanda123@gmail.comPh.D.
Stabilized Lithium Deposition Using Sulfide-Rich SEI Layer Enables High-Performance Anode-Free and Lean-Electrolyte Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Mechanical Engineering

#First NameContactProgram
ME.1Jie Zhangjiezhang@utexas.eduPh.D.
Graphene-Based Sensing of Gas-Phase Explosives
ME.2Aritra Karakar@utexas.eduPh.D.
Film Growth of Hydrates
ME.3Ramin Sabbaghsabbagh@utexas.eduPh.D.
Physically Inspired Data Compression and Management for Industrial Data Analytics
ME.4Jihoon Jeongjihoonjeong@uteas.eduPh.D.
Thermal characterization and hydrodynamic phonon transport using transient thermoreflectance
ME.5Doug Sassamandoug.sassaman@utexas.eduPh.D.
Additive Manufacturing for Energy Applications
ME.6Shelby Walfordshelbywalford@utexas.eduPh.D.
Does the Hand Pattern Used During Fast Wheelchair Propulsion Predict Future Shoulder Pain Development?
ME.7Suraj Pawarsurajpawar@utexas.eduPh.D.
Estimation of Systemic Vascular Resistance Using Built-In Sensing from an Implanted Left Ventricular Assist Device
ME.8Lydia Broughlydia.brough@utexas.eduPh.D.
Biomechanical Response To Altered Foot Placement During Steady-State Walking
ME.9AmirHossein Fallahafallah@utexas.eduPh.D.
A fully-transient cuttings transport model for simulation of drilling and hole cleaning scenarios
ME.10Lindsey Lewallenlindseylewallen@gmail.comPh.D.
Assessment of Turning Performance and Measures of Coordination and Balance Control in Individuals Post-Stroke
ME.11Maritn Wardmjward@utexas.eduPh.D.
Wafer Scale Exfoliation of Monocrystalline Micro-Scale Silicon Films
ME.12Alexander Nettekovennettekoven@utexas.eduPh.D.
LociHAZ: A foreground detection algorithm for infrared videos
ME.13Enakshi Wikramanayakeenakshi.wik@gmail.comPh.D.
Electrowetting-based enhancement of droplet growth dynamics and heat transfer during humid air condensation
ME.14Hongru Dinghongru.ding@utexas.eduPh.D.
Versatile optothermal micro/nanorobots for cellular biology
ME.15Arkasama Bandyopadhyayarkasama@utexas.eduPh.D.
Demand Response Potential for Residential Customers in Austin, TX
ME.16Deborah Hagendhagen@utexas.eduPh.D.
Selective Laser Flash Sintering: An Innovation in Ceramic Additive Manufacturing

Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

PG.1Lauren Churchwelllchurchwell@utexas.eduPh.D.
Evaluation of the Gibbs Free Energy Three-Phase Relative Permeability Model
PG.2Sercan Gulsercangul@utexas.eduPh.D.
Helical Pipe Viscometer System for Automated Fluid Rheology Measurements
PG.3Shuang Zhengshuangzheng@utexas.eduPh.D.
A fully integrated compositional hydraulic fracturing and reservoir simulator
PG.4Anu Radhakrishnananuradha495@utexas.eduPh.D.
Effect of Foam Quality on Viscosity in Rough-walled Petroleum Reservoir Fractures
PG.5Shiraz Gulraizshirazgulraiz@utexas.eduPh.D.
Modeling drilling hydraulics of a Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) system with pressure and time dependent rheology
PG.6Min Zhangminzhang@utexas.eduPh.D.
Optimizing Proppant Placement in Perforation Clusters
PG.7Puneet Sethpuneet.seth@utexas.eduPh.D.
Hydraulic Fracture Closure in a Poroelastic Medium and its Implications on Productivity
PG.8Ekrem Alagozealagoz@utexas.eduMaster's
New Experimental Methods To Study Proppant Embedment in Shales
PG.9Sofiane Achoursofiane-achour@live.frPh.D.
Two-Phase Flash For Tight Porous Media By Minimization Of The Helmholtz Free Energy
PG.10Ashish Kumarashishk0709@utexas.eduPh.D.
Effect of Parent Well Production on Child Well Stimulation and Productivity
PG.11Williams Ozowewilliamsozowe@utexas.eduPh.D.
A Novel Experimental Approach for Dynamic Quantification of Liquid Saturation and Capillary Pressure in Shale

Operations Research and Industrial Engineering

OP.1Erick Joneserick.jones@utexas.eduPh.D.
Builiding A Sustainable Future: Co-Optimizing Community Energy and Water, Transportation and Power