Graduate Student Information:

Graduate students are encouraged to attend GAIN 2020 for the chance to showcase research and meet industry representatives. Students are welcome to attend the both the poster session and networking session without presenting research.

If you are planning on participating in any part of GAIN 2020, please register on our Registration page.

Research Posters:

Presenting a poster at GAIN 2020 will allow you to present your work to faculty, industry representatives, and peers. This is a great chance to network with companies that perform research in a field related to yours. Moreover, there will be cash prizes awarded at the end of the event for outstanding posters. Posters will be judged by corporate representatives and UT faculty who are knowledgeable in your field.


Student Testimonials:

“The GAIN event was very helpful to me in determining my post-graduation plans. I was able to speak with groups representing both the research and industry career paths and meet with groups which did not attend the engineering EXPO career fair. Because GAIN is organized for graduate students, the employers who attend are specifically interested in our level of educational experience, which makes for much more effective communication and an increased likelihood of finding a good match. I first met my current employer through the GAIN event, and in the following weeks I attended an information session, was invited to an onsite interview, and received a job offer. I graduated with a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering in May 2012 and began work with this company, a medium-sized consulting group, the following summer. I am extremely satisfied with this job and enjoy the technical challenge of my work, the company of my fellow employees, and the competitive compensation.”

– Benjamin Barr
Former GAIN Attendee
Analyst, Stress Engineering Services, Inc., Houston, Texas

“I enjoyed my poster experience at GAIN 2014. I think it is great practice for any graduate student, regardless of what year they are, to get practice explaining their research to people of all backgrounds. It’s also great practice for figuring out what research material is the most important to include on a poster or mention in a brief discussion. My experience at GAIN led to a job interview, my first one as a PhD Candidate.”

– Current ASE Graduate Student

“GAIN was an excellent opportunity to showcase the research I was performing and connect with potential employers. It provided great practice to prepare for future conference presentations and get early external feedback.”

– Former Graduate Student

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