Meet the Officers

Meet the Officers of GEC

Feel free to reach out to GEC if you are interested in filling in the available officer positions ( Visit Officer Responsibilities to learn about what each officer does.


Executive Board

President: Manojkumar Lokanathan

Vice President: Erick Jones

Secretary: Julia Lamb

Financial Director: Sivasakthya Mohan


Chairs and Directors

Programs Development Director:

Activities Chairs (2 positions): Phiwat Klomkaew

Publicity Relations: Anna “Danielle” Escalante

Senate Representative: Vineeth Dharmapalan

GAIN Directors: Akhilesh Paspureddi, Kristin Presnell

Newsletter Editors: Samuel Johnson


Seminar Series Director: Philip White


Department Representatives

Aerospace Engineering:

Biomedical Engineering: Mae Lewis

Chemical Engineering: Jayse Langdon

Civil Engineering:

Electrical and Computer Engineering: 

Mechanical Engineering: Enakshi Wikramanayake

Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering: Astron Liu

Pickle Research Center: Liam Connolly



Officer photos & bios are updated.

Executive Board

Chairs and Directors

Department Representatives